Anastasia Date Makes it Easy to Use Mobile Devices to Find Love

The international dating service Anastasia Date has always been known as one of the top options for those looking to find love with a woman from Russia and the Ukraine. However, since moving to an Internet based service in the mid 1990s the company has so far failed to release a version perfect for use on mobile devices, that is until now. The release of a new app will make it simpler than ever for any Anastasia Date member to keep up with their contacts and search for new connections when they are on the move. The inclusion of an updated chat option should also make it simpler than ever to make a connections and begin a relationship in an informal and friendly way.

The company itself was founded in 1993 following the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the opening of relations between the east and west. Anastasia Date was created by a married couple who met and fell in love while she was in Russia and he in America, which means the service is not only a business opportunity, but a service created to make sure others have a similar opportunity. The rise of the Internet in the mid 1990s saw Anastasia Date switch its focus from personal tours of Russia and the Ukraine to a Website designed to make meeting the love of your life simpler than ever before.

The release of the Anastasia Date app has long been rumored and sought after by the members of the community who hope to keep up with their contacts in a simple and real time way. Available options have also increased as the members of Anastasia Date have called for their favorite features to be included in the app. Translation services are one of the most popular options from the company as problems with a lack of understanding of a common language can cause issues with a burgeoning relationship. The use of the app should also increase the number of marriages and long term relationships Anastasia Date is responsible for creating.

SpaceX Runs Preliminary Testing on Dragon Astronaut Capsule Abort Sequence

SpaceX is one of two companies being contracted by NASA to transport astronauts to the International Space Station. In order to be certified they need to integrate a fully functional launch escape method into their rockets. The Dragon astronaut capsule was designed to do just that. Preliminary testing took place this week in Cape Canaveral, Florida to run the escape sequence through its paces.

The Dragon astronaut capsule provides a new way for astronauts to escape should a launch fail. It comes equipped with powerful Draco thrusters that can be used to propel the capsule out of harm’s way quickly.

During testing the capsule launched itself high into the sky with a dummy aboard. Parachutes were deployed and the capsule drifted slowly back down into the ocean just off the coast of Florida. The operation was seen as a success although the capsule did not meet all expected criteria during flight. Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes thought that it was a triumph.

Later this year the Dragon capsule will be tested once again with a dummy after an actual rocket launch. Researchers would like to see how it reacts when faced the high pressure winds associated with takeoff. The testing will be done aboard a SpaceX Falcon rocket heading into orbit.

IBM and Facebook To Team Up Over Personalized Ads

IBM announced Friday that they would be teaming up with the giant Facebook. The partnership between the two is intended to give brands more firepower, making hyper-personalized digital ads. The PR person for IBM states that this marriage of data “will let retailers put a face on every customer.

Engadget reports that actually, IBM states that they will pair the data from its “marketing cloud”, including weather, location, past purchases and web browsing with Facebook user data to give marketers more information with which to target shoppers. IBM had conducted a survey whose results showed that they may not be giving consumers the personalization in advertising that many are coming to expect.

While some consumers may be concerned about privacy issues, there is a growing belief among marketers that customers will forgive the intrusion as long as the ads reflect those things that they care about and feel that is important. Privacy is a lower-ranking concern than it once was. Though some find the collaboration “creepy”, IBM has said that they hope to handle the information in more of a “cool” manner.Click here for full story.

The move is believed to help drive sales up and to create greater brand loyalty among customers. Facebook already allows businesses to target ads by location, demographics, behaviors and interests.

Virgin Media Testing 200 Mbps Broadband

Little debate can be made about how the internet has been a game changer for just about every type of company around the world. With applications and programs growing in size and power, smartphones and tablets are relying on faster data speeds to drive usefulness and performance. With 4G all but supplanting 3G as the industry standard, when a company really wants to shake up the mobile internet game, it goes a step above and beyond. It seems one company is really making an effort to break the data speed mold.

According to Wired, Virgin Media has been testing data speeds of around 200 mbps, which could be an indication of the company developing even faster connection speeds.  Matt Landis said that while the tests have only been trialed in a few locations across the globe, industry heavyweights, like Verizon and AT&T, have been keeping their eyes on their competitor.

Connection speeds could help transform the way consumers interact with mobile data, and while not the end all judgment of how well a network functions, faster service usually means more customers. The question of how much traffic Virgin could support and at what speeds remains to be seen, but faster broadband from one company could influence the development of 5G, which is coming very soon.

Iggy Azalea Is Back On Social Media!

Iggy Azalea has decided to return to Twitter and Instagram, so she can promote her new song with Britney Spears, as well as give other information’s about her upcoming music reports Ricardo Tosto. Earlier this year, Iggy was fat shamed, because of cellulite that was seen in her bottom, and after returning from vacation, and reading the comments, Iggy got fed up. Iggy. Many people know about trolls, who are people that troll online sites, looking for someone to pick on, make comments about or, just to hurt them.

Iggy had made comments that the internet was a bad reflection of people in the world, and she said she didn’t want it to make her a bad person as well, so she closed her account, and it’s been closed, up until recently. Maybe Iggy realizes that social media is the best way to promote anything, including upcoming music, which she is doing with Britney Spears. Britney and Iggy are putting out a song entitled “Pretty Girls,” and she is promoting the song on social media.

Along with promoting the new song, Iggy is also speaking about additional information on her hit song “Fancy,” talking about her upcoming album, and a lot more.

Visual Searching – Uncluttering the Target

Take a jump back into your childhood and remember the popular book, Where’s Waldo? The thrill of looking for the beloved red and white stripped man that wore the big, black glasses and was always carrying books on his adventure. The feeling of triumph when you were finally able to locate him, in what should have been the most obvious place after minutes, even hours of looking. There’s a term for all the work you just completed, and that is visual searching. Where’s Waldo? isn’t the only example of a time when you demonstrate visual searching. When you’re a store, looking for items on your list, that is also considered visual searching.

How many of you like something you see just walking down the street, say, a certain jacket that a stranger is wearing? You see this amazing jacket, and you just have to have it, but you don’t know the person wearing it. You’re a little apprehensive to just walk up to the person and boldly request where they bought it from. Let’s face it, not everyone has the personality traits to walk up to a complete stranger and request where they got their article of clothing from. Now, what if I told you there are applications you can download to your smart phone that would aid you in this? Would be pretty great right? Well, you can. That’s right, there is an application that you can use to find your target, and remove the distractions. Let me introduce you to the company Slyce.

Slyce is a leading visual search provider with their searching applications. Like an object you see? Use one of their applications, SnipSnap, Pounce, or Craves to take a picture of your target item and let the application do the work for you. Real time shopping for items that your heart desires. Slyce also offers other forms of visual searching to match your needs. If you own a business and would like to have photos searched and tagged with your preference of hashtag, Slyce can help you achieve this. Slyce will handle everything you need with photo moderation all the way to product ID to more. These are just a few examples of the wonderful services that Slyce and their applications can off you as an individual consumer, all the way up to a large company looking for ways to advertise your goods and services.

This industry has been in the works for the past forty years and will continue to aid consumers and businesses in the ever growing knowledge of technology. When new technological advances occur, it gives room for visual searching, and companies like Slyce, to expand to the greatest potential in helping people with their target searching needs.

Monument Erected for Edward Snowden in NYC

A group of artists wanting to pay tribute to independence erected a bust of Edward Snowden atop Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Shortly thereafter, city employees covered the sculpture, but the artists are hoping the city will refrain from removing it entirely, however they note that it is unlikely to happen.

Alexei Beltyukov said the monument is located in the vicinity where thousands of American POWs who were killed by the British during the War of Independence are also remembered.

As noted, this is a story “built on ideals to live in freedom and not be limited or monitored by your government.”

“This is the will of a man that some in the traditional media present as a traitor and a terrorist, and the same would be said about these prisoners of war in the War of Independence,” the artist explained.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Parks of New York told local media that the installation of “any structure or work of art without authorization is illegal” and said authorities are meeting on its withdrawal.

Robots To Leave Workers Out of a Job In the Near Future

According to Michael Osborne, an associate professor at University of Oxford, more than 300 professions are endanger of being completely run by computers and robots, instead of human beings within the next 20 years. Robots and computers were originally created to help human beings be able to do their jobs better, but it seems as though these mechanical devices will be replacing the humans they were supposed to help. The advantage is that in some jobs where creativity is not needed, robots and computers are able to do the job cheaper and faster than man power.

For example, robots can save a lot of money in welding, which costs $133,000 is expected to be $30,000 cheaper in ten years. Robots can already fill prescriptions for patients. The robot could one day replace the pharmacist. With the driverless car, someday a cab or bus driver will no longer be needed.

It would be no surprise to have airplanes and cars built completely by robots. Robots being able to work faster, could create more products per hour than a human being. Robots can be reprogrammed at a quicker rate than a worker can be retrained to do a new updated task. Factories will employ fewer people who will be highly skilled.

Mars One Finalist Speaks Out That Project Is A Scam

A professor at Trinity College’s School of Education, Dr. Joseph Roche published an article on Medium’s Matter stating the Mars One colony is a scam stated Bruce Karatz. This is the project offering one-way tickets to capable candidates to make a one way trip to the planet Mars and start a new colony of life there.

Dr. Roche is one of the final 100 candidates selected in February to be chosen for the journey. He was then to be interviewed and exposed, as a trial, to a test involving harsh environmental conditions to determine if he would progress on to one of four who would make the actual journey. Roche says what he thought was to be a several day long trial was reduced to a less than 10 minute Skype call with one of Mar One’s chief medical officers. The interview did not include any psychological or psychometric testing, only questions about Mars One material previously sent out.Roche stated he didn’t take the mission seriously; he was just putting his hat in the ring out of curiosity. He is finally speaking out regarding this mission because he is seeing so much of the project out there without any challenges.

Another item disturbing Roche is the fact that some of the candidates bought their way into their positions and are being ‘encouraged’ to donate any ‘appearance’ fees back to the project. He says there is also a point system attached to those as part of what is called, The Mars Community. Candidates get points randomly and if they want more points they have to purchase merchandise from Mars One or donate to them.

There are many disturbing misconceptions out there about the legitimacy of the Mars One project and it is the hopes of Dr. Roche that people become aware of them.

North American Spine Continues To Drive Back Injury Tech Forward

When an athlete has to play their game, they put everything they have into playing. Sometimes, everything they have, can cause them a lot of pain, because they are putting forth so much effort. It’s also possible for an athlete to end up being injured, either by a trip and fall, bumping into someone else, or just by playing the game. Many athletes have been injured, while they play their game, and they may quickly recover, or they may linger in pain, for a long period of time. Some athletes may have chronic pain, after being injured, while playing a game.

Chronic pain is the worst enemy of an athlete, because it’s not pain that will go away after a few days. Chronic pain lasts for months, and without treatment or help, it can last for years. Athletes may suffer from many types of pains, including muscle pains, leg pains, and pains in their arms, but neck and back pain can be the worst. Back pain can be bad as well, especially when it’s lumbar pains, which take over the lower back.

No matter what type of pains an athlete is having, there is a possibility to cure the pain, if they choose to visit a facility called North American Spine. Many have chosen North American Spine, as they are a place to get pain relief, especially when they have neck or back pain. The AccuraScope procedure is regularly performed at North American Spine in the Dallas facility, and many have seen great results from the procedure. Some have had permanent pain relief, after a visit to North American Spine, so they no longer have to worry about playing in pain.

The best thing about the procedure, is that its outpatient, so a patient can go home the same day, after they have the procedure performed. Patients can even get up and walk around, after having the procedure. Healing time will be significantly less, than typical back and neck surgeries. Many have praised the AccuraScope procedure as a lifesaver, and some have seen permanent relief from their chronic pain.  Try North American Spine, if the back and neck pain being suffered is unbearable, and it’s time to get rid of it.