FreedomPop Receives More Funding

Good news for users looking for free voice, text and internet for their mobile phone. FreedomPop raised another $30M in funding for a new service, currently in Beta, that provides just that. TechCrunch reported the company is growing its revenue around 25% each quarter with gross service margins at 50%.

There have been numerous offers from major tech companies to buyout FreedomPop, but they decided not to sell yet. The company is looking to build a billion dollar company by offering service bundles to consumers for free, but charging for premium services and add-ons.

By the end of 2015, they plan on having 1 million customers. UK will be the next market in their plans to go global. Their goal is to provide broadband service free, from anywhere, including overseas. They are able to provide this by paying for only the data their customers use and not buying voice or text from the major carriers. They are able to acquire new customers for a couple dollars compared to the hundreds of dollars a major carrier pays for new customers.

Currently, their growth has not provided much in the customer service department, but with this new round of funding, they will take a portion of the 30 million dollars to build up customer service. There is no physical location customers can go, like the nearest Verizon store for any issues. This service is completely online. There is little to no customer service now. The CEO and co-founder Stephen Stokols does not provide specifics on what the company will do to provide customer service, but he did say “We want our customer service people to be ahead of demand.”

FreedomPop is not the only player in the free wifi game. Google Fi is a product offered by Google to provide world-wide wifi for free. Microsoft is even trying to build competition by gaining mobile users.

The Impeccable Image Recognition Technology

Slyce is a leading visual search and image recognition company with its headquarters in Toronto. It developed a visual search technology that can identify products on a picture and allows people to buy the item at the comfort of their smartphone. Slyce has produced a number of products and services, which includes snap-to-buy product recognition platform. The application takes a user to the website to buy the identified products.

Slyce’s proprietary visual search technology helps one to connect with customers any time. It also develops visual search and recognition technology for both large and small retailers to use on their mobile applications and brand’s website. The visual search developed by this company uses the pictures of products to determine the kind of product it is and analyzes the subject according to the type of the product and its attributes.

Image recognition technology endeavors to identify people, logos, buildings and anything else that has value to enterprises and consumers. Tablets and smartphones with cameras precisely have enabled this technology to move from industrial applications to consumer applications. For instance, cars, logos, wine labels, landmarks, album and book covers can be identified by the consumer smartphones or tablets using a mobile app that gets access to the image recognition software in the cloud.

Image recognition technology has the potential to transform pictures into hyperlinks to something on the internet for example, service, information, video or coupon. It can be used also to initiate a search. That explains why Amazon and Google have been investing more on this image recognition technology. In addition, it has applications in content management and security.

The technology has taken the mobile commerce on a higher level. It allows shoppers to see the products being used or on another person and instantly purchase those items from the comfort of their phone or a tablet. For instance, one may spot a person wearing an impeccable shoe, all that is needed is to just take a photo and leave the mobile application to do the rest. It instantly identifies the item, offers the price from at least three retailers and provides a ‘buy button’ to complete the purchase.

One of the benefits of image recognition app is that it captures data and then sends it to a certain application for processing. This helps businesses to process their transactions swiftly at a reduced cost. Image recognition also boosts customer loyalty because it increases the time for feedback and payments.

Writing for Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an international free encyclopedia that can be edited by both submitters and readers. The site is sponsored by Wikimedia, and its articles are submitted by volunteers who generally write anonymously. Submission rules are governed by Wikipedia’s Five Pillars.

Five Pillars
The governing principals of Wikipedia are as follows:

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a dictionary, newspaper or vanity press.
  • All submitters should submit articles with a tone of neutrality, keeping personal opinions and bias from their articles.
  • Editors should treat each other with respect and civility.
  • Submitted articles may be edited, used, and shared with others.
  • Wikipedia has no firm rules.

Creating Wikipedia pages
Users can only submit articles to Wikipedia after they have created an account with the site. This process involves the creation of a user name and password. Should a user wish to submit an article but not open an account, they can do so indirectly by submitting the article to Wikipedia’s Article for Creation project. There, registered users can review and publish it.

There are some restrictions concerning the type of articles Wikipedia will accept. Such articles must be considered “worthy of notice” and suitable for an encyclopedia. Authors are encouraged to first do research before submitting an article. If there is already an existing one on the same topic, or a very similar topic, then writers are encouraged to improve the existing article rather than create a new one. Submissions promoting the writer or the writer’s friends, business, or personal interests are not acceptable. Wikipedia now has a pages patrol that has editors delete unacceptable pages shortly after creation. Wikipedia also offers a list of bad article ideas to help first time submitters understand what are not acceptable submissions.

Because Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it is important that all articles have reliable information that can be easily verified. Sources used by submitters should have been previously published elsewhere. Wikipedia will accept Internet based articles as sources, but submitters must first make sure that not only is that information accurate, but that the sources can be tracked by readers indefinitely. Blogs, fan sites, personal websites, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, and gossip columns are not acceptable reference sources for Wikipedia. Editing readers may challenge and remove these sources if they are used. When acceptable sources are located for article references, authors may then use the Wikipedia: Citing sources and Wikipedia: Referencing for beginners feature to place the references within the article.

This is a tricky process, but the guys over at GetYourWiki can help you to create a Wikipedia article is you’re having trouble.

Bike-Through Fast-Food Packaging: McDonalds Newest Campaign

McDonalds has experienced an ever-decreasing amount of business in recent years. The chain, which has been the target of several campaigns against fast food, has become steadily less relevant to a society that wants a little bit of health-conscious to go along with its fast food. As a result, McDonalds is now looking at closing a number of its chain locations–but in the meantime, it’s out to increase its relevance and improve its odds of reaching customers for at least a little bit longer.

In Tokyo and Amsterdam, that means targeting a new audience: individuals who would prefer to be able to bike through the restaurant says the Amen Clinic. Similar to the drive-through windows common throughout America, bike-through windows allow bikers to order and retrieve their food without having to come inside. The latest addition to this campaign? Packing designed specifically for bike-through customers.

The bike-through packaging is designed to fit easily on the handlebars of each bike. Once will hold a burger, fries, and a drink, keeping them safe while the biker travels on to their destination. The packaging is disposable and can be thrown away after each use, making it more convenient than a permanent basket or other addition to the bike.

The campaign is designed to make McDonalds more accessible to a specific group in the targeted cities, hopefully improving the restaurant’s ratings and keeping the doors open for a little bit longer.

Tumblr, Terms of Service vs. Free Speech

An anonymous blogger on Tumblr has created a large and very loyal following to her three blogs, all found on Tumblr. She had begun the sites in 2009 and rapidly became famous. She goes by Coquette. She was surprised when she found out that all of her blogs had been shut down by Tumblr.

In investigating why, Ricardo Guimarães BMG concluded that they had been deleted due to three songs she has posted over a period of months. Coquette, who has been on Times Magazine’s Best-of-list and been published in Huffington Post as well as writing a popular book, didn’t understand why this had happened.

She went on Twitter and tweeted the bad news to her 30,000 followers and questioned whether Tumblr had the right to stop her from posting on their platform in the future. Tumblr states that they have a three strike policy, and that emails had been sent to Coquette after each of the two first infringements. On the third they closed her accounts. Coquette claims that she never saw the warnings as they were sent to an old email account that she never uses. Tumblr states this is not their issue, they sent the warnings and can prove it. Whether or not Coquette received them is not their problem.

Tumblr did, to be fair say that they would provide her with accesses to all of her blogs so that she can set up on a different platform. Coquette has said that she will just rebuild her blogs elsewhere.

J. Crew Layoff of 175 Employees, Replaces Lead Designers

After a year of poor sales, The Aspire New Brunswick recently noted that  J. Crew Group announced Wednesday that it had laid off 175 employees, most from their New York headquarters, and replaced their lead designers. The brand employees over 15,000 associates among their 512 stores globally. Sales were down 5% in the first quarter this year compared to last year.

Mickey Drexler, CEO of J. Crew Group, stated that he planned to revamp their aesthetic and planned to boost sales by opening more factory outlets.

The lead designer of Madewell, a division of J. Crew that reported a 33% jump in sales last year, will be taking over as lead designer for J. Crew. Somsack Sikhounmuong has a fourteen year history with Madewell and J. Crew.

Joyce Lee, who previously designed for Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs and has been working under Somsack Sikhounmuong, will be the new lead designer for Madewell.

Mickey Drexler said in a statement that they know what needs to be done, and they will make it happen.

Bruce Levenson: Write an Article About This Individual

Bruce Levenson was born in 1949 to a Jewish family in Washington D.C. and grew up in Maryland. He graduated from law school at American University, beginning his journalism career while attending. Levenson is most well known for being one of the co-owners of the Basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks Levenson, with Ed Peskowitz, created United Communications group (UCG) in his apartment in 1977. They Published a newsletter called the Oil Express, which focused on developments in the oil industry.

With time the United Communications group acquired more newsletters and launched databases. Now the United Communications group is a privately held business information company. They specialize in data, news, and analysis for things like healthcare, energy, technology, and other industries. Today UCG is one of the largest
privately held companies in the world.

In 2004, Levenson created Atlanta Hawks LLC, (formerly Atlanta Spirit LLC), in order to purchase the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He bought the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting, along with Ed Peskowitz.

In 2014, Levenson announced he was going to sell the team. In October of 2014, Levenson decided to hire Goldman Sachs as well as Inner Circle Sports to help him sell the team as well as the rights for the arena. Goldman Sachs estimated the team would be worth around 1 billion dollars, but the winner of the auction, an entrepreneur named Anthony Ressler, won with a price of 730 million dollars.

On April 23, 2015, the deal was finalized. The Hawks would be sold to Anthony Ressler for a price of 850 million dollars. Ressler stated that ‘We are honored and thrilled to have been chosen to become the new stewards of the Hawks.”

Throughout his life, Bruce Levenson has also been active in various philanthropic organizations. His mother was a survivor of the Holocaust, and Levenson is a founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust museum. He also funds the Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program, which teaches inner city students about the holocaust and also trains them to be tour guides at the museum.

Bruce Levenson and Karen, his wife, were a big part in the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership in 2010. He has also been a part of many other organizations such as the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and has donated to the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace.

BRL Trust: A Savvy Investment for Rigorous Financial Management

BRL Trust Investments is the largest funds investment in Brazil and was founded in 2005. It started by private loans as part of its fiduciary services then gained the trust and goodwill of its customers. By the end of the first year it had expanded to more than one-hundred loans in which it was the Intervening Trust. With the confidence of investors, it added more services as its clients’ needs grew as seen here. To date, BRL Trust has grown to be one of Brazil’s leaders in Fiduciary Services, Fund Administration, Control and Custody of Funds, Asset Management and Underwriting.

BRL Trust offers unmatched fiduciary services. Loans can be tracked, monitored, controlled and collected through its Asset Control System (SCA). BRL Trust provides secure and reliable innovative and unique services to its clients. With over three-hundred companies in its database, and more than two-thousand clients, and 500,000 transferred receivables in collectibles. This data and established reputation and experience have made BRL the number one choice in fiduciary services in Brazil.

Mission and Values

The BRL Trust Investment’s has a goal to meet and go beyond the expectationsof its customers in a safe, transparent and efficient manner, through skilled and experienced team. BRL Trust’s primary differential processes and unique controls have internally developed from knowledge and experienced gained from its operations in the financial investment sector.

BRL Trust values ethics in all situations, always respecting the national legal system and customer interests. Determination and discipline are characteristics of our team, technical knowledge as the instrument skillfully applied to obtain the best results, and the internal and external relationship as a reliable link based on transparency, trust and seriousness.

Investors have become more demanding and discerning because of the sophistication and development of capital markets and the global credit market. To meet market needs, the BRL Trust Fiduciary Services offers innovative, differentiated services that ensure the safety and reliability required by investors.

If you want to prosper financially, you can get professional help from a smart investment company. With BRL Trust Investment, you will get high-quality investment services and value for your money.

Facebook in Space

The Facebook social media website isn’t known solely for its ability to connect users all across the country and world. They are very apt to helping out other countries during natural disasters and collecting money from generous users to go to different causes. That’s why, a few years ago the social media company made plans for a 500 million dollars satellite that would provide inexpensive internet to citizens in developing countries. Earlier this week, it was released that Facebook has decided to cancel its plans to build the satellite. An author for The Information released the article detailing how the site suddenly came to this conclusion. It seems as though $500,000,000 was just too much of a price tag for Facebook. Facebook staff knew how touchy building the satellite would have been, this is why they did not announce it to users or stockholders. Even with the abandonment of this satellite dream, Facebook is still trying to find other ways to bring internet access to the developing world. The founder of the site, Mark Zuckerberg, has been engaging in open discussions and debates about using satellites to help with the expansion of the Internet. According to Ricardo Tosto, His dreams for expanding the internet went far beyond this one satellite. The plans to bring internet to the developing world has a lot of potential and those who share an interest in the company. Facebook is on his way to tapping into the lives of billions of deserving people.

Arising Technology of Radiology

Radiology is an imaging science used in the medical field to diagnose, and supplement diagnosis for diseases, injury, and medical conditions for patients. X-rays, computed topography scans (CT Scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography scans (PET Scans), fusion imaging and ultrasounds are all examples of techniques that require the use of radiology. Radiology use requires extensive education, precise measurement, equipment training and proper safety precautions from healthcare personnel in order to ensure helpful and accurate diagnostics with patients. This form of technology is used in hospitals, doctors offices, extended healthcare facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and veterinary clinics across the globe.


Radiologists are usually board certified by the American Board of Radiology or the American Osteopathic Board of Radiology. Typically they have at least four years of pertinent education in order to function in this field. This ensures that radiologist have the proper knowledge for optical performances on radiological procedures and interpretation of medical images. Stringent education and training standards are in place for accurate performances and important roles of the healthcare provider.


Medical radiology has existed for over a century. It was first discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad. Radiographs were initially made on glass photographic plates. These images are now stored and recorded digitally. Early x-ray work was performed by doctors until the Society of Radiography was set up in 1920 and provided courses of training for individuals to assist the doctor with this work. In the 1950s came the development of the image intensifier and x-ray television. Ultrasounds started in the 50s and the first CT scan was performed in 1972. Since then, Radiography has developed into one of the most advanced practices used in the medical field.


Imaging Advantage is the leading provider for evidence based radiology technology solutions for hospitals across the country. They have major healthcare systems located in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas. They have management practice, on site staffing, around the clock teleradiology and offer the latest technology to assist their partners in providing exceptional patient care. Their mission is to partner with hospitals and Radiography groups to improve medical imaging. This helps to secure contracts through system wide transformation that affects an entire hospital.

Radiology Technology is certainly one of the most important developments in history. It’s an arising source that aids in diagnostics and even life or death screening. This technology has come a long ways since initial discovery and will only continue to progress on its journey. More can be found on Imaging Advantage on their Twitter page.