Susan McGalla Removes Gender Barriers In Business

Companies that promote gender and racial equality outperform companies that are not diverse. A wide range of employees provide limitless ideas and perspectives for a single idea. It’s a discouraging fact that few women hold high-level positions at elite companies.

Susan McGalla is an inspiration for women that want to manage a company. She credits her success to her upbringing. Susan had two brothers, and she was not provided any slack or advantages because she’s female. Susan figured out at a young age how to compete in an environment influenced and controlled by men.

Susan’s first executive position was as President and Chief Merchandising Officer for American Eagle Outfitters. When she began working with the company, she was the only female executive employee.

After leaving American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked as an independent consultant for the retail industry. She then worked as CEO of The Wet Seal. Following her position at The Wet Seal, Susan formed P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan is currently Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her position proves her ability to influence a male-dominated workplace in a positive way.

Susan admits obtaining an executive-level position within a company is difficult for a woman. It takes more than hard work and dedication to succeed as a woman in business. Executive-level positions are not offered to women. Women are not considered an option for many jobs because of their gender. Susan supports women networks that address the need to make a change within the structure of a business. Women networks provide guidance, support, information, and motivation. The networks need to unite and help improve business opportunities for women.

Susan advocates sponsorship programs. She believes a woman should have a decision-making executive sponsor her. The executive provides guidance and opportunities for the employee to showcase her talents.

Susan McGalla proves it’s possible for a woman to excel in a man-controlled environment. She brings advancement, innovation, and profit to any company where she works.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a New Way to Practice Dentistry

For better dental care and management, MB2 Dental Solutions is providing wonderful solutions. The company is owned by licensed dentists who have a passion for providing services to dentists and their patients. Just like any other profession, dentists have many requirements, and they also face several challenges. The services of MB2 is centered on solving the problems of dentists to make dental practice much easier and comfortable for them. The company partners with its affiliated practice owners and dentists that get several services at their affiliated clinics. The objective for this arrangement is to create an atmosphere where dental practitioners focus on their work and not worry about related issues. MB2 provides complete assistances to its affiliated offices who enjoy complete autonomy. In six states of America, the firm has more than seventy affiliated offices.

The dentists associated with MB2 Dental Solutions get a lot from its huge network. The firm provides them mentoring, learning and new opportunities. Working at the affiliated offices of the firm provide dental practitioners opportunities to learn new skills in less time and have a better career. MB2 takes the responsibility of every other matter that is burdensome and confusing for practitioners and dentists. It allows dentists to spend their precious time on their patients. The matters that MB2 takes care of include accounting & finance, credentialing, compliance, IT, billing & collection, marketing, recruiting, training, business development, human resources, and procurement.

  • Chris Steven Villanueva is the current CEO and founder of MB2 Dental Solutions. Like many other dentists, Dr. Villanueva began his career and experienced unnecessary challenges which were frustrating. Neither group practice nor solo practice suited him. He thought why there is no business model that would provide dentists the advantages of both solo and group practice while eradicating their disadvantages. Such a model would enable dentists to enjoy profitability and benefits of both models. Therefore, he founded MB2 Dental Solutions in the year 2009 which was a new concept for everyone. Today, the number of affiliated offices of the firm is increasing, and it employs more than eighty people. The senior management of the firm consists of five people that have different responsibilities. These people include Justin Puckett who is the President; Justine Caroll who is the COO; Mark Fuller who is the CFO with thirty years of experience; Martha Alikacem who is the CRO and Jake Berry who is the President of Business Development.


Leading One Company Is Not Enough

Brian Bonar is one of a kind. If there is some word that can describe the rise of Brian Bonar at TRUCEPT, it’s meteoric. Brian Bonar has served at TRUCEPT Inc as its Treasurer, President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and its Director. So where did he start?

He did his undergraduate studies at James Watt Technical College and then earned a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Staffordshire University. Other sources tout him as having a Ph.D. and MBA from Staffordshire. After earning his degree, he went on to work at IBM as its procurement manager for 16 years which he has described as the outsourcing of IBM motherboards. He then went on to work at a company called QMS as its director of engineering, where he says he had managed more than 100 people before he joined various companies in sales positions.

He was the major vice president of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corp and the Manager of Worldwide Sales at Adaptec Inc. He cofounded his own company Bezier Systems and then in 1999 became the Chairman of the board at Dalrada Financial services where he still is to date. Prior to this, in 1997 he was the President and Chief Operating Officer at the company. In June 2011, he became the CEO at Trucept, a company that has become synonymous with him. From 2008 – 2010, he had a short stint as the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services.

He actually works on the immediate board of directors of a number of companies including Dalrada Financial Services, Smart-Tek Automated Systems, Warning Management Systems Inc, and TRUCEPT. At TRUCEPT, the company that he is involved in today, they make products and provide services to small businesses to help them with menial/monotonous tasks. They have particularly helped businesses manage their payroll and also in risk management.

The fact that he has served in all these positions showcase the experience that he possesses and the managerial abilities that he has. It is not every day that you find one person serving on the boards of a number of companies and is still the CEO of another. His specialty has been said to be mergers and acquisitions and at I-Tech he spearheaded the acquisition of Source One Group Inc which is Professional Employer Organization (PEO); an acquisition that was projected to bring in more than $40 million in revenue to the company. In 2001, he won the Who in America awards for the outstanding work he had done.

He has been also been described by his colleagues as gifted, helpful, wonderful and strategy oriented as a CEO. His leadership has spurred the growth of the companies he has served in and those he still serves in.

The Journey of Eric Pulier to ServiceMesh Corporation

In the list that encompasses the top CEO performers of all time, you won’t miss the name of a certain Eric Pulier who was the CEO of ServiceMesh Corporation until March this year. Such an amazing leadership and management skills Eric has, and it leaves us with a lot of questions behind his success among other top-flight CEOs around the states. What could be the reason why some CEOs would not manage in certain environment while other would perform in that same environment? Could it be how one carries himself in the work environment? This article seeks to unveil the backgrounds of these leaders that could have had a positive impact on their management and eventual success.It looks into the direction of one of the most popular managers in Eric Pulier a former CEO of ServiceMesh corporation found in Santa Monica. ServiceMesh corporation deals with computer technologies and especially cloud management and other IT related issues.

What then are the factors of Eric’s background that could have influenced his successful career as a CEO in ServiceMesh Company? Here within are some of the factors that are considered to have a possibility to have contributed positively:

First of all, it is noted that Eric had passion in computer technology from way back to the days of his youth. He was a dedicated young man with passion for work and thirst for goal achievements. In 1991, he formed a company that was called people doing things that dealt with social issues like education and health factors. After three years as well, he founded another company that was called digital interactive agency that was computer based. These factors on their own talk a lot about the desires and ambitions that Eric had within him in terms of leadership and management.

Harvard University, one of the most known companies in the United States and the world over where Eric studied is believed to have impacted positively on his career and success. American schools are known to always seek to instill unto its students the best values that are applicable to the job market. With issues like ambition and hard work being inculcated, it is evident that the virtues had a positive impact on Eric and saw him earn the fame and success that he could boast. Justified by the people whom he worked with, Eric was a man with good leadership skills, always very warm towards his co-workers and had the thirst for goal achievement within him. These are the values that are instilled in American schools and that have helped Eric Pulier scale the heights he has in terms of success. Eric Pulier is an emblem of success, and he demonstrates just how hard work and dedication pays.

Brain Bonar’s Career Life

Dr. Brian Bonar is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is a well established business management executive with several years of experience in management positions across a number of firms. He is currently associated with a number of firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, Smart-tek Automated Services and Allegiant Professional Business Services. At smart-tek Automated Services, he holds two positions; he is both the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. At Trucept Inc, he holds the positions of Chief Finance Officer, the President and the Secretary. Dr. Bonar is also the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. He also serves as a co-President at Allegiant Processional Business Services Inc. Another firm currently associated with Dr. Bonar is the Amanda Inc. He is both the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of firm.

At 68 years old, Dr Brian Bonar holds three degrees. These are a bachelor’s degree, a master’s in business administration degree and a doctorate degree. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Strathclyde. This university is located in Glasgow. This undergraduate degree was a mechanical Engineering degree. Both his MBA and PhD are from Stafford University in England. Dr. Bonar’s PhD in International Business Development Studies has proved to be vital as it has helped him lead a number of corporations to success. His excellence in business world while working in United Kingdom earned him the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick.

Dr. Bonar first held a management position at QMS Inc. He joined the firm as Executive Director of Engineering and worked in that position for four years. From QMS Inc, he joined Rastek Corporation where he worked for two years as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. From Rastek Corporation, he worked as the Worldwide Sales Manager at Adaptec Inc for just over one year. IMB U.K. Ltd is another corporation that has benefited from the unique expertise of Dr. Bonar. He stayed in the corporation for a staggering 17 years. In 2003, he joined the board of Greenland Corp as Chairman.

Dr. Bonar’s career has been mainly between the United Kingdom and the United States. New Jersey, California and Nevada are some of the states in United States that this business executive manager has worked in. As he continues to gain more experience, more and more corporations scramble to benefit from his expertise. He currently sits in seven board positions and holds a number of executive positions.

Art and Finance: Adam Sender’s Big Sale

Anyone who keeps track of the world of art collecting has surely heard the name Adam Sender. Only in his mid-40s, he may well be called an art-collecting prodigy if such a term exists. While he may collect some modern art that raises eyebrows like the blurry Thomas Ruff photography called “Nudes,” his success can’t be ignored.

A person with the mind to observe Adam Sender’s art-collecting thought process may do well to pay attention to his recent dealing with Sotheby’s, where 800 of his pieces from nearly 140 artists have been on the sales block. The roster of artists reads like a Who’s Who in the contemporary art world. It includes works by artists like Raymond Pettibon, Martin Kippenberger, and Rosemarie Rockel to mention a few.

That he is a former hedge fund manager and therefore has the capital to invest in such a large collection is only part of his strength, according to the Sotheby’s website. Sender has a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to collecting. That he has successfully picked which emerging artists to follow for not just a few years, but decades speaks volumes about his art-collecting prowess. Sarah Aibel, who has worked with the art collector since the mid-200s, calls his ability to walk into a show and select the best pieces a type of “laser vision.”

He got his start in the mid-90s as a collector, and the art going to Sotheby’s is estimated to be worth $70 and $80 million dollars. And Sender has been very generous with the collection to date. He has loaned out his pieces to important exhibitions, and Sender keeps a website where interested parties can go to make their bid for a loan.

The art collector has also some unusual ways to allow his pieces to be shown. One show took place at one of his Miami homes. Called, “Home Alone,” the show featured 70 pieces from his extensive collection.

A Look into the Life of Dan Newlin; Florida’s Super Lawyer

Dan Newlin started off his career as a law enforcer in New Chicago at a young age of 20 years. It is from this humble position that he has risen to establish a law firm acknowledged all over Florida. The company has also been honored with the prestigious Super Lawyer Award. It is important to note that only less than 5 percent of all law firms in Florida have been honored as such.

In new Chicago, Newlin worked with the police and the fire departments. He was later appointed to a position with the county sheriff’s department where he worked for over a decade. During his term there he received various accolades and awards for his exemplary performance. He rose to the prestigious sheriff’s detective rank during his tenure there.

As the Sherriff’s Detective, he was charged with several responsibilities with various police departments ranging from narcotics, auto theft, and fugitives. He went over and above his work outline and call of duty to attain desired results. This gained him recognition and honor by the United States Marshalls.

In 1997, he was accepted into the Florida State College of Law from where he graduated in 2000. He has since then been practicing law and is one of the few attorneys licensed to practice in both the states of Chicago and Florida.

Newlin established a law firm and office, Law Offices of Dan Newlin, with a physical office in Florida. This has now grown and extended to Chicago where he has another fully functional office. His staff base has also risen tremendously. From a single office secretary, he now commands the attention of 75 employees among them 12 experienced and practicing attorneys’.

Newlin and Partners specialize in personal injury claims, vehicle and construction accidents, and medical negligence. He is also currently representing wrongfully charged individuals. He offers first class representation and is committed to excellence. Check out this article on Findlaw.

Among his principal achievements is legally representing a teenage victim of a shooting incident. This case obtained a record-setting $100 million dollar verdict. It is also important to note that during his firm’s practice, he has won over $150 million dollars damages for his clients.

To serve his existing and potential clients better, he has established quick dial code #Dan. Through this, he hopes to give quick access t his clients by getting them faster access t justice.

Dan Newlin is a focused man who gives it all to whatever he gets his hands into. It is this determination to achieve that has earned him the much accolades and honor from not only his clients but also other independent associations.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: The Essence of Beauty Belongs to the Beholder


Known throughout the world for his expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich is a resident plastic surgeon at UT Southwestern Center in Dallas, Texas. The recipient of numerous awards in plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich also teaches at UT Southwestern.

Dr Rod Rohrich hails from North Dakota, where he received his graduate and post graduate degrees from North Dakota State and the University of North Dakota.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s specialty is cosmetic surgery. For those who want to improve the way they look, he requests they list their likes and dislikes. Then, at their first consultation, Dr. Rod Rohrich and the prospective patient analyze the list.

In most cases, a common pattern is found in both the like and dislike columns. If a person decides to proceed, Dr. Rod Rohrich molds the contours of what his patient dislikes to match the contours of what they like.

When he’s finished, the patient sees similar body lines.

His most common plastic surgeries are body contouring, rhinoplasty, and breast surgery.

Body contouring includes face, body, breast, and arm lifts. A simple explanation is Dr. Rod Rohrich tightens the skin around these areas. Sagging skin is sometimes age related, but it’s common after someone loses a lot of weight.

Rhinoplasty alters a person’s nose and is a common request because noses are prominent on a person’s face. Thus, they’re a source of self-consciousness.

Besides his practice in Dallas and worldwide travels for speaking engagements, Dr. Rod Rohrich is a humanitarian. Among other causes, each year he supports a medical student in North Dakota, who plans to practice medicine in North Dakota. In addition, he’s active with the Dallas March of Dimes; he, too, participates in Dallas’ childhood development program for indigent children. He also sponsors events that immunize underprivileged children.

Dr. Rod Rohrich

We usually think of design as being confined to the world of art but some of the most innovative designers work with the human body.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most esteemed medical professionals in the world of plastic surgery. While he is the head of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, he currently holes several other positions throughout the medical community. As a published author and speaker who has given hundreds of presentations on plastic surgery, he is a leader in the practice and thousands of other plastic surgeons around the world look towards his guidance in the latest techniques and principles of the practice.

While born and raised on a ranch in North Dakota, Dr. Rod Rohrich stayed in the area where he received his undergraduate at North Dakota State University and his postgraduate at the University of North Dakota. From there, he moved out of state to receive his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. He received top honors from this institution and then he moved on to perform his plastic surgery residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, which he followed up with additional pediatric plastic surgery residency at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. After completing his fellowship in hand and microvascular work from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Medical School, he eventually obtained a position as a plastic surgeon at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center located in Dallas.

This position allowed Dr. Rod Rohrich to not only oversee everything going on in the department, but it gave him access to continue his education and to pen several important publications on the subject of plastic surgery, ranging from facial fracture repair all the way to injectable fillers and breast surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich covers all topics, from cosmetic to medical, Dr. Rod Rohrich wanted to make sure everyone working in the world of plastic surgery knew the proper procedures and could provide some of the very best work for their clients.

As a leader in the industry, Dr. Rod Rohrich has now given over 900 different presentations on all subjects regarding to plastic surgery. He has also written or co-authored over 300 different publications, including 30 textbook chapters on the subject of plastic surgery and served as the editor on four textbooks discuss plastic surgery. This is helping shape the education of current plastic surgery students.