White Shark Media – Review of a Unique Digital Agency

White Shark Media started up in 2010. Three Dutch businessmen and essentially people with a vision put a start to the business. Today, seven years later, White Shark Media is experiencing profitable success as it is gaining a lot of trust of its clients and is working in collaboration with some of the biggest digital brands.

The digital agency of White Shark Media has a lot to offer to its customers. The core services of the company are Pay Per Click Management, Web development, Mobile marketing, as well as Search engine optimization. The secondary departments of the digital agency include things such as digital marketing, landing page optimization, pay per click engines, as well as conversion optimization.

So far, White Shark Media has been excellent at retaining their clients. The current retention rate of the business varies from 8 to ten percent. Up to date, White Shark Media is serving more than six hundred client which includes both individuals and businesses. The people working at White Shark Media are dedicated to satisfying their customers as well as being up to par with their collaborative partnerships. Currently, there are 144 people making White Shark Media what it is today.

The headquarters of White Shark Media has a permanent home in California. The chief executive officer of the business is Alexander Christian Nygart. He collaborated with two other businessmen in order to create a digital agency with the vision of high quality and transparency. The three business partners are still working together towards the expansion of White Shark Media.

As a digital agency, White Shark Media has a lot of competition. The digital industry is one of the most highly saturated businesses to start in and getting your foot through the door could be arduous work. White Shark Media is one of those unique cases that come few and far between. The business became one of 29 companies working with the Google Ad Words Premier Partners. Later the digital agency also started working with Bing.

There has been a lot of success for the White Shark Media. The company is still serving its very first client after seven years together. That is one of the most unique things about White Shark Media. Such kinds of relationships between agencies and customers are few and far between. They require a lot of solid trust in each other as well as services laces with high quality and a perspective to evolve.