Dick DeVos – Well-Known Social Activist and Philanthropist in the United States

For years, Dick DeVos has worked actively in building better communities, helping underprivileged children and families, and supporting various social and welfare causes. Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos are known as one of the most influential and powerful philanthropists and social activists in the United States and are attached to many independent organizations and charities. Dick and Betsy DeVos also have a family foundation of their own, named Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Betsy DeVos presently serves as the Education Secretary under the administration of the United States President, Donald Trump. Dick and Betsy DeVos has championed the cause of education reform in the country for long, and support many educational as well as social activists organizations that aim to help the cause of education reform in the country.


Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos in a recently held interview disclosed that they had donated close to $139 million in their lifetime, and the total contribution made by wealthy DeVos family run into billions. The couple aims to make a difference in the areas they are working for through years, and firmly believe that with dedication, determination, and consistency, they would be able to make the much-needed difference. Dick DeVos, and his wife, strongly feels that the education system of the United States is not on par with other modern countries, and needs some major changes to help the students get the quality education they require and deserve. It is what would help craft the future of the country, and so they feel that some of the reforms they have been raising voices for are much needed.



Dick DeVos is the son of the wealthy American businessman, Richard DeVos, who is popularly known as the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is one of the largest consumer products manufacturing companies in the world and operates in many countries globally. Dick DeVos joined his father’s company in 1974 and started with a low-level job as his father wanted him to understand the business culture and management of the firm from the ground up. He continued working for Amway Corporation at various positions for the next ten years when finally he was promoted to the post of the Vice President of Amway Corporation.



As Vice President of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos managed the company’s business in 18 countries. He helped multiply the business of the company drastically in the countries he was responsible for. However, with the family inherited entrepreneurial spirit, he soon left the family business to start Windquest Group, which manufactures and supplies storage organizers of different types. Dick DeVos is associated with many organizations and charities and is also a member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He is also the founder of the famous Michigan Aviation Academy.

Jason Hope Is Dedicated To Making A Difference

Jason Hope enjoys contributing to the progress of others. He is an entrepreneur who has accomplished many of his own dreams. Technology is his passion and Jason is dedicated to assisting those who desire to make advancements to the industry receive the proper assistance.

He is involved with humanitarian organizations. They work to improve different aspects of the human condition. Fighting the advancement of aging is one of the issues that Jason has invested his time and money into.

Jason Hope believes that technology is the future. His work ranges from a variety of concepts including desktop software, interactive devices and gaming. Many of these items are currently highly interactive due to software applications that allow people to access the programs on different platforms. Jason understands that this type of technological progress will spread to other industries in time. The Internet of Things is the idea every piece of technological equipment operated by humans will be interactive with other tools. This includes kitchen appliances, automobiles and traffic signals.

Jason Hope invests in others in order to push the advancement of ideas. There are a lot of creative minds getting involved in the business sector every day. Starting a new company is very difficult. It takes a lot of time, persistence and money to make a new concept operational in society. Jason has a grant program that assists young entrepreneurs with launching their innovations and helping the projects sustain themselves through the trying times. These efforts will lead to the creation of new technology that will eventually change the world.

George Soros Continues His Growing Role As A Philanthropist

For many people the name George Soros is most obviously associated with the financial industry after his record breaking hedge fund provided him with an estimated $25 billion in personal wealth on discoverthenetworks.org. For George Soros the philanthropy he has completed for many years is often seen as a secondary aspect of his life and work, but the commitment the Hungarian born hedge fund manager has shown to his work as a philanthropist seems to expand by the year as the founder of the Open Society Foundations has been looking for greater levels of support for various groups he feels are not being awarded their basic human rights. A good example of the way George Soros has been looking to expand his work as a donor for social issues is through his work with a Super PAC seeking to make sure voters of Hispanic descent are both given the opportunity to vote and have the motivation to do so; George Soros provided around $3 million to minority groups during the 2016 election season in the U.S. where he hoped to halt the rise of Donald Trump during the Presidential ballot.

George Soros has taken many different roles throughout his life that few would generally associate with a man who now heads a hedge fund with more than $30 billion in assets on Politico, such as his period as a refugee student at the London School of Economics when he worked as a porter and waiter as he developed his financial skills for the future. The work of George Soros has been informed by the many experiences he underwent as a young person, including living in Hungary under both Nazi and Communist rule as a young person, and living in Greenwich Village on Snopes, New York during the 1960s when the counterculture and liberal views were important ways of exploring everyday life.

Now an American citizen, George Soros has been seeking new ways of developing his career as a philanthropist to include many different interests explored through his own Open Society Foundations. In seeking to explore the world in terms of democracy and social justice on Forbes the work of George Soros in different areas where people live under tyrannical rule has been well publicized, but a less well known area of interest has been his dedication to immigration reform in the U.S.; groups such as the National Immigration Forum are backed by the financial weight of George Soros and support major reforms and the halting of the construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Dick DeVos Continues To Build Michigan

Wealth is not only about the car you drive or clothes you wear. I suppose it is also about how much you give. Grand Rapids billionaire, Rich DeVos, understands this better than most wealthy people. According to a report by Forbes, the DeVos family has given out approximately $1.2 billion to charity over the years. The family has five family foundations that provide coordinated, mutual support. In 2013, for example, all of the foundations gave gifts totaling 1.362 million to Sculpture Park, Gerald R. Ford Foundation and Frederik Meijer Gardens. The have been supporters of Christian nonprofit organizations for a long time. Additionally, they have served on boards of several nonprofits inside and outside the Grand Rapids Area.
I think the children of Rich DeVos have done well in following their father’s footsteps. Among them is Rich’s oldest son, Dick DeVos. I found out from Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that Dick is a graduate of the Northwood University. He began his career at Amway Corporation in 1974. In 1984, he became Amway International’s Vice President. As vice President, Dick led to the expansion of the organization into 18 countries. He became the Chief Executive officer and President of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. Dick DeVos returned to Amway in 1993 as President and led the company to record profitability and sales.
In 2006, Dick DeVos announced his intentions to run for the gubernatorial seat of the state of Michigan. He was a candidate under the Republican ticket. Dick DeVos was considered the wealthiest man to ever run for governor in Michigan State. DeVos did not get the seat but I think he would have been the best governor that Michigan ever had. Look at his past leadership achievements and you will understand why I think so.
Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have their own foundation called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The foundation is widely known for financing efforts of promoting the agenda of Religious rights across the country. As noted in a recent MLive interview, the foundation generously donates to political and non-partisan efforts. DeVos and Betsy donated $50 million to put up a hospital called the Helen DeVos Children’s hospital in Grand Rapids.
To me, Dick has proven to be a leader in the world of business and technology. This has attributed to the respect that his family has gained in Michigan. Dick is an outstanding example to leaders globally. He remains to be an influential figure in the Republican Party.