Do Good Institute; Merging Higher Education With Volunteer Work And Philanthropy

Whenever higher education and philanthropy meet, the results are a transformed society. After a successful sale of the Atlanta Hawks, former owner of the NBA team has chosen to focus on creating an impact on communities through philanthropy.

Through the delivery program, Do Good Initiative, Bruce Levenson has made significant steps in helping people. The program has its home at the University of Maryland and is determined to introduce undergraduate students at the University to a world of philanthropy and volunteering. The project’s primary objective is molding new crop non-profit business leaders whose impact in the society will make the world a better place.

Speaking to PR Newswire in an interview, the proprietor Bruce Levenson attributed the failure of various noble causes to the lack of basic business skills required to run them. People at the top of charitable causes fail to achieve their objectives because they do not have necessary prerequisites in business.

Bruce took the program to the university together with his spouse Karen. The program has attracted over $75 million in funding. The inaugural training session offered students a chance to allocate $10,000 to a charity of their choice and draw lessons from experience.See,

Bruce Levenson is a committed philanthropist who believes in taking an active role in making the world a better place. Together with his wife, they run operations of their charities.

Bruce loves playing basketball and golf during his free time. He enjoys traveling and new adventures. The businessman has homes in both Atlanta and Potomac, Md. He is an alumnus of the Washington University in St. Louis and the American University. He has a professional background in both media and law. Bruce once worked as a media personnel for the Washington Star.

Levenson is also one of the proprietors of the United Communications Group, an enterprise that is a one-stop shop for information about companies across the different economic sectors.

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