Logan Stout And IDLife Want To Change The Way People Think About Their Health

Logan Stout is an individual who has broken the mold and proven stereotypes obsolete throughout his career. The entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author was once a star athlete as well. Typically, star athletes don’t become known for their business acumen but Stout is the exception to the rule. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of IDLife has generated more than a billion dollars in revenue.

Stout is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys building something from the ground up and making it profitable. With all that he has accomplished the business owner still shows no sign of slowing down. Part of what makes him so successful as a businessman is his wellness to try new things.

With Stout leading the way IDLife is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the health and wellness industry. Last year the company was honored with a spot on the list of 100 Solid Top MLM Companies globally.

Stout is also a best selling author. The idea of being an author was born from his desire to help others and inspire them to be leaders. His book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams,” accomplished just that in 2013. To p entrepreneurs have even recommended it to readers.

His drive to inspire others lead to him becoming a motivational speaker too. The leadership qualities he possesses makes him a highly sought after keynote speaker. he just has a way of getting people to believe in themselves even when no one else does and that’s what makes him great.

Stout still has a love of sports. He is the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, one of the largest mentoring organizations worldwide. many graduates have went on to be MLB draft picks. Something Stout is very proud of.

About IDLife

IDLife focuses on educating the public on ways to optimize their health. It provides high quality nutrition supplements that meet the individual needs of customers. IDLife wants people to be excited about improving their health and wellness.

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North American Spine’s Procedures Can Help Those With Serious Pain

One of the most common injuries that occur in a car accident is back injury. There are several reasons why the back ends up being injured in a car accident, and having to sit upright in a seat while being buckled in doesn’t necessarily protect the back when there’s an impact. Those who end up with back pain that results from a car injury may see the pain go away after a while, but some may end up with permanent back pain after their car accident. Anyone who has persistent back pain should visit North American Spine.

What sets North American Spine apart from the different facilities that may help to treat back and neck pain is the fact that North American Spine only treats neck and back pain as well is spine pain. Since the facilities focus solely on these types of pain, it means they have every type of solution possible to help heal or relieve pain in these areas. There are many solutions that North American Spine has to get rid of these pains, but ultimately, those who have severe pain in these areas may need a surgical procedure performed.

North American Spine reviews discuss how they perform the AccurScope procedure, which requires minimally invasive techniques, and the person can feel pain relief right after the procedure is performed. With a small incision that’s used to insert the scope into the back or neck area, the surgery can be performed easier and within 45 minutes. It’s also possible that the person will be pain-free after the procedure is performed. A simple Band-Aid to the back is needed after the surgery is performed, and the person can get up and go home the very same day of surgery. Since a person has outpatient care, they don’t have to worry about missing too much work.

North American Spine also performs the CuraSpine procedure, which is performed on those who have spinal problems. With the different procedures and techniques that North American Spine uses to help their patients, it’s no wonder why they are such a popular and renowned facility. North American Spine has helped over 8000 patients in their over six years of existence, and many patients have recommended the facilities to those who are living with constant pain. Although North American Spine is based in Dallas, Texas, there are many other facilities that they have to help those who live in other areas.