Arthur Becker’s Investment Journey

There’s no doubt Arthur Becker is an investor who knows how to spin real estate investments into gold. Currently Becker is considered a top-tier real estate mogul, given the success of his recent projects, the 10 Sullivan Street luxury condo project, and the Billionaire’s Row project at 111 W. 57th Street. Both of these projects performed well for Becker and his partners, leaving him with three properties (adjacent to the Sullivan street project) which were given in trade for his ownership in the original Sullivan Street property.

A Strong Interest in The Arts

All of this has to give a major lift to Becker. His home houses a working art studio, along with the showcase for his collection. Becker is going through a major life transition right now, as he moves forward after separating from his wife of 20 years, designer Vera Wang. Though any major life transition is always tough, Becker’s current success in real estate is a clear sign that he’s chosen a clear path to success. Visit Madison Partners for more info.

From Stock Broker to Investor

Arthur Becker had an early career as a stock broker at Bear Stearns, but he parlayed that role into something much bigger when he successfully invested in several startups tech companies in the early 2000’s. That breakthrough allowed him to become a silent investor in several real estate deals, including the Billionaire’s Row project at 111 W. 57th Street. Becker was a silent backer in that deal, which was originally developed by Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. From there he moved on to the deal for 10 Sullivan Street, with Robert Gladstone and Stern.

Becker’s most recent project, which is the first he has overseen from the ground up, is 564 Washington Street in New York. This luxury condo building has 8-units. It’s on the market now for $52.5 million, and is expected to get the asking price.

From here, Becker intends on continuing with his real estate investments. From here, it’s all up, and he expects to enjoy the entire journey, wherever it takes him.

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Simple and Low Cost Investment Strategies

Warren Buffett has recently stated that he would be willing to donate one million to a specific charity as a wager if he was able to achieve a better investment returns then a group of hedge fund managers.The donation of one million is a large lump sum of money and can easily hold the attention of any charity or individual. Buffett stated that he would only donate this amount of money if his belief in Passive Index Fund investing was false.

Tim Armour has made a statement that he feels Warren Buffett is correct in regards of how expensive funds can short change investors. He supports Buffett’s commitment to low cost investments that are simple. Mr. Buffett has an approach that has proved itself over and over again for many decades. He believes in bottom up investing and rigorously analyzing companies and focuses on how to build a durable portfolio and Tim on Facebook.

Mutual funds can offer poor long-term returns, however the risks behind Passive Index Investments are typically unknown to the investor and it can also offer a higher risk.In some ways Tim Armour disagrees with Buffett in regards of his views. He feels that it is not just about the funds being closely indexed but more about if the funds are being managed correctly and how high the expenses can be for the investors and more information click here.

One of the downfalls for a fund is its high expenses. Tim states that if managers would actively buy in and assist their clients in moving their investments towards a lower expense rate than the investment would be more successful and beneficial to the investors.By taking this approach the money is not being wasted and it offers the hedge fund managers a way to actively show interest in the fund itself and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour received his bachelor’s degree at Middlebury College in economics and he currently lives in Los Angeles where he works at Capital group. Tim believes that investments that are simple and low are the best for a long-term basis.

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Patty Rocklage is the Marriage & Family Therapist Who Feels for Her Clients

In these fast-paced times, where one is every so often extremely busy trying to find a work-life balance, there might be occasions when one feels that one’s marriage and family life is coming apart. One might go to marriage and family therapist to resolve things out, but for that to happen, you must go to the right one, who feels for you and more information click here.

That is exactly the kind of person Patty Rocklage is. This USC graduate has made a name for herself over the past twenty years counseling individuals, couples and families with deep empathy and the resolve to provide them with workable solutions to their problems. In her work as a psychotherapist in the Great Boston Area, she has earned an excellent reputation both for her professional skill and personal style of communication, from all of her clients.

There are so many people out there-individuals, couples, and families who are overwrought by their life’s struggles and need professional assistance to get a grip on their selves and work toward improving the quality of their lives. This is where Rocklage with her top notch qualification and years of professional experience has been able to make quite a significant difference to the lives of a large number of people.

What’s particularly noticeable about her is that her skills go beyond conventional therapy, but include the ability to do team building, community outreach and of course coaching. This has stood her in good stead in the performance of her professional duties in the sense that she can have a more nuanced understanding of the issues confronting her clients in their daily lives and resume her.

Lives in the second half of the 21st century are far more complex and uncertain than it has been in the past with new age social mores and a radical change in the way people work and socialize. Consequently, individuals, couples, and families are coming under increasing amounts of stress. It is against this backdrop that the skills of psychotherapists like Rocklage become so incredibly important. It is indeed fortuitous for the Boston area to have a senior professional like her work in their midst.

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Anthony Toma Interviewed about Nine9

UN Agency Nine9 is the company under the leadership of Anthony Toma that is revolutionizing the way actors and models are being represented today. The CEO, Anthony, in an interview reveals how he has been able to make it in the highly competitive entertainment industry. Toma has been working with industry leaders and helping anyone confident enough to display their talent find their footing in the entertainment industry.

On the issue of where the idea came from, Toma explained that the concept of the UNagency was conceived when he was working in the grocery industry. He was looking for a business franchise in the food industry that had structured business models when he stumbled upon a modeling and acting related franchise in Orlando. When the franchise went under, Toma decided to open his own company with the information and experience he had gathered. This is how the Nine9 came into existence.

Toma’s typical day starts with getting his kids ready and dropping them at school. He fires up when playing with the kids on their way to school. He listens to motivational audio books when headed to the office, once at work he handles his schedule, which includes answering emails, attending to social media, meet up with the team, and sometimes attending corporate meetings. He gets his ideas by discussing with his staff and allowing them to critique him.

The trend that excites Toma most is the business evolution. He is excited by the fact that you do not need to own millions for you start a business. It is, therefore, incredible for any person with the will and desire of starting something from an idea and growing it into a fully-fledged business and its resume.

About Nine9
The Nine9 has a clear mission, which is to transform the lives of models and actors. The company provides the necessary tools that these experts need to succeed in the entertainment industry. They offer numerous opportunities ranging from TV, music videos, runaway, and promotional castings among others.

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Adam Goldenberg Offers Convenience with TechStyle

Adam Goldenberg is all about helping people out and providing more convenient options for them. That is the key to his business and something that he consistently strives for to make sure that things are going the right way for the business. He knows that, without offering convenient options, he would never be able to have the type of business that he currently has. He also knows that it is necessary for people like him to keep up with trends and make the changes that they need to keep their business relevant and to also keep it as convenient as possible when they are in different situations.

One of the most evident things about the convenience of the company and the way that Goldenberg has tried to make changes to keep up with trends is in the name of the company. It hasn’t always been called TechStyle. Goldenberg changed the name to reflect what the company does and to also let people know that there were changes that they could enjoy based on the opportunities that they had in different situations. Goldenberg felt that it was necessary that he make these changes and name the company something that would show people what they could get out of the company.

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Under the umbrella name of TechStyle are companies like JustFab and Fabletics. They are both companies that offer subscription services to people who are doing more with what they have and are made for people who just don’t have the time to traditionally shop. He wants to make sure that everyone is getting the chance to be able to enjoy the options that they have. It is something that he sees as a necessity for the company and something that he does to make sure that people are getting what they can out of the company.

Because of the way that things are going and because of the options that Adam Goldenberg has implemented, the companies have been able to be really successful. According to, they have branched out onto different sales platforms and have even been able to make more money for the owners. The customers love all of the options that they have when buying from each of the brands. Whether they are shopping online at Amazon, are using the subscription services or even visiting one of the major flagship stores that Fabletics is in, they are getting the most convenient option for them.

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Stephen Rotella, the President of Stone Castle Partners

Stephen J. Rotella is a fruitful and focused entrepreneur who has experienced firsthand achievements due to his determination. Rotella lives in New York City and is a holder BA in Economics and MBA in Information Systems/Finance attained from the State University of New York. Stephen J. Rotella shepherds over 30 years of strategic and operating management in banking and financial ministrations to Stone Castle, with intensive experience in retail and internet banking, marketing, organizational growth, product upheaval and large-scale operations management.

He operated for 18 years at JP Morgan Chase where he was also the Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance and a member of the Executive Committee. Also, he is the head of the Board of lift communities, a company that works towards poverty eradication from parents with little children and an artist too. He has also been active in community organizations all his career with a keen interest in caring for the less privileged, enhancing home ownership and the arts. Asides from the many accomplishments, it is paramount to look at how stone castle began and what Stephen does to make him a qualified entrepreneur and read full article.

When he joined Stone Castle (SC), it was a smaller but exceptionally, entrepreneurial business, which had a comparatively new idea about linking investors looking for safe methods to “park” cash and earn a decent return. They did this by utilizing technology to weave together hundreds of community banks, and that is where he came as he used that idea that had $100mm in assets and today it has about $11 billion and contact him.

The secret to the success of Stephen and Stone Castle and is always prioritizing the most valuable resource they have i.e. time and when it is used well the needs of the customers and stakeholders will be fully accommodated. SC has tremendous changes and achievements since it began business. With the buying of Intermedium’s sweep business, its position as a leading insured deposit provider for institutional investors has been enhanced. It is evident that with the leadership of Stephen Rotella he has accomplished so much evident from the awards he has received and leadership responsibilities that have been designated to him. It is said a leader is born not made, and Stephen J. Rotella is one of them.

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Bruce Levenson’s Resume In Business, NBA Ownership, And Washington D.C. Philanthropies

Bruce Levenson is a longtime business owner and for about 12 years he owned most of the shares of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. Levenson and Atlanta Spirit, LLC decided to sell the Hawks in 2015 to Tony Ressler and Company and the sale of $850 was unanimously approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors, reports Forbes, but in the days following the sale Levenson and the other former Hawks’ owners found themselves in a court dispute with AIG Insurance. AIG refused to issue payout for a claim that former General Manager Danny Ferry filed regarding his termination, and Levenson is taking them to court over bad faith and seeks damage relief for court costs.

Bruce Levenson’s business career ( began back when he was a journalist for the Washington Star. He grew up in a suburb of Washington D.C. and attended Washington University where he completed his bachelor’s degree. He had also attended American University’s law school where he completed a J.D., but he decided not to go into law practice and instead had the idea to start his own news publication company. He and his friend Ed Peskowitz started this company right in their own apartment, but soon their business was picking up customers at a rapid pace that they acquired corporate headquarters and named the company Unified Communications Group (UCG). UCG is a leader in industry and technology news and research, and they also are the founding company of TechTarget and GasBuddy.

Levenson also was a founding member of several philanthropic groups including Hoop Dreams, “I Have a Dream” Foundation and the Community Foundation of DC. As a Jewish American he’s been active in pro-Israel groups including SEED Foundation, BBYO and Birthright Israel, and is also a member of the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Board of Trustees. Levenson also served as the chairperson of the Anti-Defamation League’s Concert Against Hate.



Equities First Holdings: Specializing in Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is an acknowledged loan provider in the international arena. The company issues the loans during the adverse financial conditions in the world. For over 14 years of professional operation, the company has transacted in more than 2,000 operations. For this reason, it all translates to the issuance of more than $2 billion to those in need of fast working capital. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what it takes to develop fast working capital. However, the company does not view this as a significant achievement in the industry. It views this as daily business conducted on a normal business day in the United States. Equities First Holdings has worked hard to develop high-end capabilities in leadership. It is now one of the leading alternative sources of finance in the United States and other parts of the world.

Equities First Holdings has offices in the main cities in the world. When it was incepted, it determined to become a major attraction for the issuance of stock-based loans. For this reason, people went on to found the company in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. Therefore, working to develop high-end solutions in a better environment will keep it off. Its main headquarters is in Indiana. The company decided to make its presence in other parts of the world. It decided to have offices in all the continents of the world its offices include, London, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

For startup companies, her fate depends on the amount of money injected into the business. For this reason, the advertisement is prominent. Without advertisement, a brand or company will be doomed to fail. For this reason, it is one of the most expensive things that require fast working capital even during the harsh economic conditions where banks tighten their lending capabilities.

Reviewing The Contribution Of Mike Baur To Nurturing Startups

Getting a startup to grow from a basic position to becoming a successful business is a process that takes time and resources. In many instances, startups that are not led by individuals who are capable fail and find it challenging to rise back to their glory. This trend is what inspired Mike Baur to start an initiative that works with startups by helping them overcome the many challenges that come with running a business in the complex business environment. Mike Baur launched an incubation center for startups, which has been operational since 2014.


The Swiss Startup Factory has been supporting talented startups in Switzerland by offering an ample environment, in which they can come up with strategies that are inclined towards growth and stability. Mike Baur has managed to also get the support of several leading universities, which offer access to resources that are vital to the development of the startups. Additionally, Mike Baur came up with a solution to the issues of funding that hit many startups. He avails a team of investors, who offer support to the startup by investing in it if they are convinced it is worthy funding and destined to growth.



During the three months that startups receive support at the Swiss Startup Factory, there are several sections that are covered. Each section addresses specific issues and the entrepreneurs are allowed to interact with the market to understand how things work. In the accelerator package, they are taken through issues like marketing, accounting and law, which are vital to the development of a business. With this support, the entrepreneurs are able to emerge successful and their ideas grow easily to attain the standard they wanted initially when they joined the industry.


Post accelerator support

Support for the development of the startups does not end at the incubation period. After the three months, the Swiss Startup Factory offers follow-up sessions for a period of five months. The reason this is important is to ensure there is no interruption to the overall process and the startups are able to implement the ideas shared during incubation.


Mike Baur

As a prolific entrepreneur and a successful individual, Mike Baur decided to also extend support startups by launching the Swiss Startup Factory. He joined the industry in 2014 after he resigned from banking at the age of 39 years. Today, his incubation facility is the biggest and the best in the country.



Julie Zuckerberg Leads in Recruitment

The recruitment industry gained a valuable asset the day Julie Zuckerberg joined Deutsche Bank. Using her education from both Brooklyn College and New York Law, Zuckerberg worked with Hudson to recruit case managers, paralegals, attorneys, and support staff to positions with corporations, law firms, and financial institutions. Since starting at Hudson in 2002, Zuckerberg has steadily moved up the chain of influence at every position she has held. Today she serves Deutsche Bank as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead.


For 14 years, Zuckerberg has used her skills as a recruiter to improve the quality of leadership and employment at every business she has worked. Before starting at Deutsche Bank, she worked with Citi for six years, first in Global Functions and then in Global Consumer Bank as an Executive Recruiter. During her time with Citi, some of Zuckerberg’s duties included counseling hiring managers on creating open job descriptions, advising senior business leaders on competitive markets, and sourcing talent globally. In between Citi and Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg also briefly worked with New York Life Insurance Company as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, analyzing clients’ needs and managing the recruitment process outsourcing team.


Before becoming Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg served as the Executive Recruiter Vice President for nearly two years, beginning her work there in the spring of 2014. Zuckerberg was promoted to Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in November of 2015. In this position, she collaborates with business leaders within Asset Management, Global Technology & Operations, and Private Wealth & Commercial Clients to develop the best regional recruitment strategies. Among other regular duties, Zuckerberg counsels executive committees and leadership on the best recruitment and hiring practices, always seeking to increase proficiency and engagement for bringing in the most diverse and talented staff.


Zuckerberg’s influence in New York City stretches to both her professional and her personal life. Outside of her work at Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg enjoys running and photography. She is interested in arts and culture, food, animal welfare, and technology. Zuckerberg believes in social responsibility and action, and she is passionate about human rights activism and economic empowerment.