Drew Madden Improving the Healthcare Industry Through IT

Technology is advancing fast. Unlike in the past few decades where the application of IT was only restricted to certain areas like the communication sector, now you can find the use of IT everywhere. The possibilities of IT in the health sector is limitless from diagnosing diseases to their treatment. It is for this reasons that entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden are committed to building teams and cultures that will see IT in every corner of hospitals all over the world.

Drew Madden is currently a managing partner in Nordic Consulting Partners. Ever since he joined the company in 2010, the progress of the company is something everybody wants to be associated with. During Mr. Drew’s tenure as the President of the company for five years from 2011-2016, he has helped the company grow from an employee population of 10 to 725. Not only this, Drew also helped with the expansion of the business from having three partners to the current 150 partners.

To many people, this may seem like an uphill task but this has not been so for Drew. The entrepreneur has always been driven by passion and commitment towards the Healthcare IT industry. His efforts have been acknowledged and celebrated widely. In 2012 and 2014, Drew, through Nordic Consulting Partners, was awarded #1 KLAS ranking. This is ranking that focuses on the effective implementation of services among different organizations.

Mr. Drew is quite good at what he does. This, however, did not come on a silver platter; he earned it. Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew worked as a consultant in Willow and EpicCare Inpatient. Drew also has experience when it comes to how health organizations carry out their works. He achieved this after working with different health organizations on their various implementation strategies.

Industry experience aside, Mr. Drew is highly qualified. The entrepreneur is a graduate of the University of Iowa, in their college of Engineering. Drew qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering- BSE Industrial Engineering majoring in Medical Systems. With such an individual in an institution like Nordic Consulting Partners, we are confident that the advancement in technology will be for the betterment of the health sector.