How Citizens United Came About

Who is the man behind Citizens United? What is he up to these days? Well, he started out in 2008 when he tried to get the courts to let his client run their move during the debates. The movie was an anti-Hillary movie that denigrated Hillary Clinton and featured attacks on her. The Federal Election Commission said that they can not air the movie, because it really was nothing more than a campaign ad against Hillary Clinton. However, it did not adhere to the rules of campaign ads, and did not disclose who paid for it.

James Bopp, the man who started Citizens United, argued that they should be able to air the movie because it was no different than 60 Minutes. At the time, the judge laughed at James Bopp, saying that anyone who reads the transcripts can clearly see that this is nothing like 60 Minutes; rather, it is like a campaign ad. The organization behind the movie, which James Bopp was representing in court, was called Citizens United. Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the judge and ruled on the side of Citizens United.

That is the history of the Citizens United ruling, which basically lets people pay for campaign ads without having to disclose who they are. End Citizens United is an organization that is opposed to the Citizens United ruling and wants it overturned. They say that letting people donate money to campaigns in secrecy basically will lead to politicians being bought off in private, and the voters will lose out. That is why they are fighting so hard to get Citizens United overturned by the Supreme Court.

End Citizens United are raising money for this worthy cause. During the first quarter of this years, they raised over four million dollars. They are projected to raise over thirty five million dollars before the midterm elections next year. Last year, during the presidential elections, they raised around twenty five million dollars. Most of the donations come from simple citizens who donate small amounts of money. The average donation, in fact, is only twelve dollars.

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