Greg Secker Success Story in Forex Trading

Gleg Secker is a business man, author, philanthropist, public speaker and was born in England in the town of Norfolk. He was born in the year 1975 and has been on the frontline helping people learn to trade profitably. He is known for his expertise in creating forex systems. He studied Agriculture and Food Science from the University of Nottingham and while at the University, he used to sell computers as side hustle business, Little did he know that the idea of selling computers would bridge his gap of poverty and wealth within a blink of an eye. By being used to several computers, he started learning to code and he eventually became an expert in the field. That is when his journey started and little did he know that Studying agriculture was just an exposure means.

Greg Secker was employed by Thomas Cooks Financial services on the basis of the skills he learned from school. He learned to code while still selling his computers in the university. He has so far been recognized as a computer geek and developed foreign currency trading platform when he was still working at Thomas Cooks Financial Services. He still used to observe how people made profits and developed an interest in the business. He later left for Mellon Financial Corporation and became the company’s vice president. He has received subsequent awards because of his innovation in coding and creating virtual trading systems. Later he left to advance his trading in his living room. He installed all that was required after getting $5,000 to start trading. He was able to multiply his account after one year to $62,000. He focused on risk minimization and improvement of profits.

Greg Secker has also been a great entrepreneur and a very successful author. Some of the books he has written include Trading your Way to Success and also Financial Freedom Through Forex. He has been very talented when it comes to writing his books. He has been able to earn a lot of money through selling these books and also helping his friends learn how to trade forex. Greg Secker is always focused on making his clients successful in trading.