Interactive and Innovating Learning with ClassDojo

In the past, teachers and parents searched for approaches that make learning easier and engage students more. With ClassDojo, the learning experience improves significantly. ClassDojo is an app that enables parents, pupils, and teachers to share videos, messages, and photos throughout a school day. ClassDojo encourages them to participate in the classroom experience as a team, share ideas, provide useful feedback and work together to add value to their homes and the classrooms.

ClassDojo’s objective is to impact education for every student in the globe positively. For ClassDojo to achieve the mission, the company leverages strong relationships and team work among the primary stakeholders in education. It creates connections between the teacher, parent, and students per classroom to support easy sharing of ideas and engagement.

Rather than creating the “ideal” classroom, the app gives the three participants a platform to create a class that best suits all their needs. The founders believe that by giving people the right to innovate results in surprising outcomes.

Teachers and parents have an opportunity to track the student’s attitudes, behaviors, and attendance. It is to create a classroom using the app. Each student, parent, and teacher is assigned an avatar. The procedure of adding members to the class is straightforward.

There are positive behaviors that a teacher can give to students to encourage them to uphold certain values. There are also negative behaviors to help parents and educators correct the students. You can also add other actions to the list. The app also has a timer that enables you to plan activities. The app allows the teacher to select a student to answer a question randomly. Plus, the app saves all the activities relieving the teacher the burden of constantly remembering.

The app is available in more than 180 countries and 90% of the US K-8 schools. ClassDojo has helped 1 in 3 children aged 5-14 in the US to learn about empathy and growth. The app is available in more than 35 languages. The ClassDojo app is free.

ClassDojo has been recognized by the Forbes 30 under 30 education 2012, Crunchie Award 2015 for the Best Education Startup, Fast Company Innovative by Design Award 2016, and 2017 Most Disruptive Companies by Inc.