Getting empowered with Fabletics perfect athleisure wear

In this day and age, it is common for consumers to look up products or services online before purchase. Reviews have been seen to affect the sales of companies either negatively or positively. Companies with this review strategy in mind are using it to their advantage. They focus on understanding the user needs and attending to them and through this, they have earned themselves better reviews in the industries they belong. Fabletics is one of these companies. They have used user reviews to market their brand.



Fabletics has increased its assets, since it was formed in 2013, to 235 million dollars. It has acknowledged its success to customer reviews. Through these reviews, they have been able to retain customers and earn new ones as well. Research has stated that 84% of the people who are shopping online trust the reviews they see online as much as they would trust a direct recommendation from a person they know. There has been growing power in the feedback of consumers over the years. This has been noted to be a better marketing strategy than the traditional advertising styles. 60 percent of users have failed to purchase a product or service due to negative reviews online.



Fabletics focuses on customer reviews to improve their ranks on search engines and this increases their customer base and sales as well. It actively goes through the reviews of their customers and responds to them. On Trustpilot alone, Fabletics has almost thirty thousand reviews. With customers now looking to crowd source their opinions before purchases, companies should follow the example of Fabletics by using their user reviews to better their products and services in order to increase their sales.



Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics, an athleisure brand. She is an actor but also focuses on providing fashionable athleisure clothes. Fabletics inspires and empowers women of all sizes and shapes to feel and look their best through their brand. Demi Lovato, a pop superstar, was recently partnering with Fabletics as she loves what they stand for. The founders, Don and Adam, of TechStyle Fashion, wanted to provide a fashionable and quality brand for women that were fairly priced. With this idea in mind, they partnered with Kate Hudson and formed Fabletics. She was a great choice as she truly represents the brand with her active lifestyle.



Kate has been hands-on since the beginning and has helped a great deal in process formation and sales. She is focused on what she does and she has spearheaded communication in the company. Kate Hudson has assisted in implementing data systems to ensure proper records are kept. She also helps with client communications to ensure satisfaction of their clients. Fabletics has had consistency in good customer services and high-quality of products and this has earned them higher ratings on different online companies. Fabletics focuses on providing unique clothing to their clients and this is why they insist on users or potential clients taking the Lifestyle Quiz to ensure that they get perfect outfits using their shared information.