Arthur Becker’s Investment Journey

There’s no doubt Arthur Becker is an investor who knows how to spin real estate investments into gold. Currently Becker is considered a top-tier real estate mogul, given the success of his recent projects, the 10 Sullivan Street luxury condo project, and the Billionaire’s Row project at 111 W. 57th Street. Both of these projects performed well for Becker and his partners, leaving him with three properties (adjacent to the Sullivan street project) which were given in trade for his ownership in the original Sullivan Street property.

A Strong Interest in The Arts

All of this has to give a major lift to Becker. His home houses a working art studio, along with the showcase for his collection. Becker is going through a major life transition right now, as he moves forward after separating from his wife of 20 years, designer Vera Wang. Though any major life transition is always tough, Becker’s current success in real estate is a clear sign that he’s chosen a clear path to success. Visit Madison Partners for more info.

From Stock Broker to Investor

Arthur Becker had an early career as a stock broker at Bear Stearns, but he parlayed that role into something much bigger when he successfully invested in several startups tech companies in the early 2000’s. That breakthrough allowed him to become a silent investor in several real estate deals, including the Billionaire’s Row project at 111 W. 57th Street. Becker was a silent backer in that deal, which was originally developed by Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. From there he moved on to the deal for 10 Sullivan Street, with Robert Gladstone and Stern.

Becker’s most recent project, which is the first he has overseen from the ground up, is 564 Washington Street in New York. This luxury condo building has 8-units. It’s on the market now for $52.5 million, and is expected to get the asking price.

From here, Becker intends on continuing with his real estate investments. From here, it’s all up, and he expects to enjoy the entire journey, wherever it takes him.

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