Why You Should Own No-Poo Shampoo

Cleansing conditioners have been recently popularized by the beauty industry, and they often go by the name of “no-poo shampoos”. Due to their formula that doesn’t give a lather, as well as the fact that they aren’t made with harmful chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, the hair’s natural oils are protected in the washing process.

The benefit of keeping the hair’s natural oils (instead of washing them down the shower’s drain), is that these oils help keep the hair both strong and healthy, resulting in less breakage and nicer hair. WEN by Chaz has created one of the most buzzed about cleansing conditioners, which has quickly made its way into many men and women’s homes.

WEN by Chaz is a hair care company that was created by Chaz Dean. Leading the hair care industry with passion and ambition, Chaz set out to make a hair care product that was both fresh, as well as high quality. Dedicated to making his company’s products the best of the best, Chaz Dean kept revising his cleansing conditioners until they met up to his expectations. Knowing that the hair industry needed a product that would wash the hair yet keep it healthy, while also understanding that the typical shampoo followed by conditioner process wasn’t what he envisioned, Chaz Dean created a product that has set a new standard for hair care, which is hair that is clean and conditioned with only one simple step.

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