Dick DeVos – Well-Known Social Activist and Philanthropist in the United States

For years, Dick DeVos has worked actively in building better communities, helping underprivileged children and families, and supporting various social and welfare causes. Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos are known as one of the most influential and powerful philanthropists and social activists in the United States and are attached to many independent organizations and charities. Dick and Betsy DeVos also have a family foundation of their own, named Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Betsy DeVos presently serves as the Education Secretary under the administration of the United States President, Donald Trump. Dick and Betsy DeVos has championed the cause of education reform in the country for long, and support many educational as well as social activists organizations that aim to help the cause of education reform in the country.


Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos in a recently held interview disclosed that they had donated close to $139 million in their lifetime, and the total contribution made by wealthy DeVos family run into billions. The couple aims to make a difference in the areas they are working for through years, and firmly believe that with dedication, determination, and consistency, they would be able to make the much-needed difference. Dick DeVos, and his wife, strongly feels that the education system of the United States is not on par with other modern countries, and needs some major changes to help the students get the quality education they require and deserve. It is what would help craft the future of the country, and so they feel that some of the reforms they have been raising voices for are much needed.



Dick DeVos is the son of the wealthy American businessman, Richard DeVos, who is popularly known as the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is one of the largest consumer products manufacturing companies in the world and operates in many countries globally. Dick DeVos joined his father’s company in 1974 and started with a low-level job as his father wanted him to understand the business culture and management of the firm from the ground up. He continued working for Amway Corporation at various positions for the next ten years when finally he was promoted to the post of the Vice President of Amway Corporation.



As Vice President of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos managed the company’s business in 18 countries. He helped multiply the business of the company drastically in the countries he was responsible for. However, with the family inherited entrepreneurial spirit, he soon left the family business to start Windquest Group, which manufactures and supplies storage organizers of different types. Dick DeVos is associated with many organizations and charities and is also a member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He is also the founder of the famous Michigan Aviation Academy.