Lori Senecal Brings Great Marketing

Lori Senecal is someone that is getting a lot of recognition from magazines like Ad Week. She has become a very important force in the marketing arena, and she has made great strides in helping large companies like Kraft, Nestle and Coca-Cola carve out excellent marketing campaigns to expand brand awareness.

Lori Senecal has been in the business of marketing for a long time, and she has managed to become the CP + B Global CEO for marketing and building relationships with big companies like this. Her work is well known because has been doing this for such a long time. She has gained a considerable amount of experience in expanding operations inside of this marketing organization, and she continues to build a great reputation for herself.

A large amount of the work that she has been done stems from her desire to help companies stand out from the competition. This is what marketing professionals like Lori are good with. She knows how to help companies carve out a path building a brand that looks different from anything else that is out there. That may be the reason that she has become as successful as she has in this industry. She knows very well how to build a campaign that can attract customers. She also knows what it takes to help those companies establish brand loyalty when they have been using one brand for so long. Customers made stray if they are not completely satisfied with the brands that they are patronizing. Lori is someone that helps companies maintains this type of relationship with customers. She is the connection that holds marketing campaign together for long-term growth. She is a woman that has made it to the top in a male-dominated environment where there are mostly men that are running things.

Lori Senecal realizes this, and she takes every opportunity to keep women engaged in the things that it takes to achieve success in the corporate industry. She has spoken in seminars and different conferences to inspire those women that are walking the same path that she once walked. Follow Lori on Twitter.


How Citizens United Came About

Who is the man behind Citizens United? What is he up to these days? Well, he started out in 2008 when he tried to get the courts to let his client run their move during the debates. The movie was an anti-Hillary movie that denigrated Hillary Clinton and featured attacks on her. The Federal Election Commission said that they can not air the movie, because it really was nothing more than a campaign ad against Hillary Clinton. However, it did not adhere to the rules of campaign ads, and did not disclose who paid for it.

James Bopp, the man who started Citizens United, argued that they should be able to air the movie because it was no different than 60 Minutes. At the time, the judge laughed at James Bopp, saying that anyone who reads the transcripts can clearly see that this is nothing like 60 Minutes; rather, it is like a campaign ad. The organization behind the movie, which James Bopp was representing in court, was called Citizens United. Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the judge and ruled on the side of Citizens United.

That is the history of the Citizens United ruling, which basically lets people pay for campaign ads without having to disclose who they are. End Citizens United is an organization that is opposed to the Citizens United ruling and wants it overturned. They say that letting people donate money to campaigns in secrecy basically will lead to politicians being bought off in private, and the voters will lose out. That is why they are fighting so hard to get Citizens United overturned by the Supreme Court.

End Citizens United are raising money for this worthy cause. During the first quarter of this years, they raised over four million dollars. They are projected to raise over thirty five million dollars before the midterm elections next year. Last year, during the presidential elections, they raised around twenty five million dollars. Most of the donations come from simple citizens who donate small amounts of money. The average donation, in fact, is only twelve dollars.

Find more about End Citizens United: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/

Greg Secker Success Story in Forex Trading

Gleg Secker is a business man, author, philanthropist, public speaker and was born in England in the town of Norfolk. He was born in the year 1975 and has been on the frontline helping people learn to trade profitably. He is known for his expertise in creating forex systems. He studied Agriculture and Food Science from the University of Nottingham and while at the University, he used to sell computers as side hustle business, Little did he know that the idea of selling computers would bridge his gap of poverty and wealth within a blink of an eye. By being used to several computers, he started learning to code and he eventually became an expert in the field. That is when his journey started and little did he know that Studying agriculture was just an exposure means.

Greg Secker was employed by Thomas Cooks Financial services on the basis of the skills he learned from school. He learned to code while still selling his computers in the university. He has so far been recognized as a computer geek and developed foreign currency trading platform when he was still working at Thomas Cooks Financial Services. He still used to observe how people made profits and developed an interest in the business. He later left for Mellon Financial Corporation and became the company’s vice president. He has received subsequent awards because of his innovation in coding and creating virtual trading systems. Later he left to advance his trading in his living room. He installed all that was required after getting $5,000 to start trading. He was able to multiply his account after one year to $62,000. He focused on risk minimization and improvement of profits.

Greg Secker has also been a great entrepreneur and a very successful author. Some of the books he has written include Trading your Way to Success and also Financial Freedom Through Forex. He has been very talented when it comes to writing his books. He has been able to earn a lot of money through selling these books and also helping his friends learn how to trade forex. Greg Secker is always focused on making his clients successful in trading.

Interactive and Innovating Learning with ClassDojo

In the past, teachers and parents searched for approaches that make learning easier and engage students more. With ClassDojo, the learning experience improves significantly. ClassDojo is an app that enables parents, pupils, and teachers to share videos, messages, and photos throughout a school day. ClassDojo encourages them to participate in the classroom experience as a team, share ideas, provide useful feedback and work together to add value to their homes and the classrooms.

ClassDojo’s objective is to impact education for every student in the globe positively. For ClassDojo to achieve the mission, the company leverages strong relationships and team work among the primary stakeholders in education. It creates connections between the teacher, parent, and students per classroom to support easy sharing of ideas and engagement.

Rather than creating the “ideal” classroom, the app gives the three participants a platform to create a class that best suits all their needs. The founders believe that by giving people the right to innovate results in surprising outcomes.

Teachers and parents have an opportunity to track the student’s attitudes, behaviors, and attendance. It is to create a classroom using the app. Each student, parent, and teacher is assigned an avatar. The procedure of adding members to the class is straightforward.

There are positive behaviors that a teacher can give to students to encourage them to uphold certain values. There are also negative behaviors to help parents and educators correct the students. You can also add other actions to the list. The app also has a timer that enables you to plan activities. The app allows the teacher to select a student to answer a question randomly. Plus, the app saves all the activities relieving the teacher the burden of constantly remembering.

The app is available in more than 180 countries and 90% of the US K-8 schools. ClassDojo has helped 1 in 3 children aged 5-14 in the US to learn about empathy and growth. The app is available in more than 35 languages. The ClassDojo app is free.

ClassDojo has been recognized by the Forbes 30 under 30 education 2012, Crunchie Award 2015 for the Best Education Startup, Fast Company Innovative by Design Award 2016, and 2017 Most Disruptive Companies by Inc.

White Shark Media – Review of a Unique Digital Agency

White Shark Media started up in 2010. Three Dutch businessmen and essentially people with a vision put a start to the business. Today, seven years later, White Shark Media is experiencing profitable success as it is gaining a lot of trust of its clients and is working in collaboration with some of the biggest digital brands.

The digital agency of White Shark Media has a lot to offer to its customers. The core services of the company are Pay Per Click Management, Web development, Mobile marketing, as well as Search engine optimization. The secondary departments of the digital agency include things such as digital marketing, landing page optimization, pay per click engines, as well as conversion optimization.

So far, White Shark Media has been excellent at retaining their clients. The current retention rate of the business varies from 8 to ten percent. Up to date, White Shark Media is serving more than six hundred client which includes both individuals and businesses. The people working at White Shark Media are dedicated to satisfying their customers as well as being up to par with their collaborative partnerships. Currently, there are 144 people making White Shark Media what it is today.

The headquarters of White Shark Media has a permanent home in California. The chief executive officer of the business is Alexander Christian Nygart. He collaborated with two other businessmen in order to create a digital agency with the vision of high quality and transparency. The three business partners are still working together towards the expansion of White Shark Media.

As a digital agency, White Shark Media has a lot of competition. The digital industry is one of the most highly saturated businesses to start in and getting your foot through the door could be arduous work. White Shark Media is one of those unique cases that come few and far between. The business became one of 29 companies working with the Google Ad Words Premier Partners. Later the digital agency also started working with Bing.

There has been a lot of success for the White Shark Media. The company is still serving its very first client after seven years together. That is one of the most unique things about White Shark Media. Such kinds of relationships between agencies and customers are few and far between. They require a lot of solid trust in each other as well as services laces with high quality and a perspective to evolve.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And Bradesco Make A New Bet

The article below is a partial transcription and translation from an piece done about the financial superstar of Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, in the publication known as Crescer. The purpose of this article is to highlight the introduction and important parts. This may or may not have to do with the article, but Crescer means “grow up” in the translation from Portuguese to English. The original article about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi from Crescer can be found by clicking here.

At the headquarters of Bradesco, in Cidade de Deus, which is located in Osasco, the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the process of choosing the president is equivalent to a test of resistance. Until today, the chosen ones have never been the names that took the front line in the dispute. This was the case with the current president, Márcio Cypriano, which little was said when discussing the succession of the former president of the bank and current commander of the board of directors, Lázaro Brandão, in 1999. Lázaro Brandão is a 83 years old, and he is considered an underdog in the struggle for power being fought to succeed Amador Aguiar. Amador Aguiar was born in 1904 and passed away in 1991. He also was the founder of the bank in 1981. Now, a truce has seemingly been broken. Last week, the board of directors appointed the executive vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to lead Bradesco as of March. In the world of powerful banking executives, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a youthful 57 years old, and he seems perfectly qualified.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is best known for holding the chairmanship of the insurer of the group. It is the largest in the country since 2003. In all conversations with financial market executives, the Board of Directors for Bradesco and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi about Cypriano’s succession, his name was always one of the most mentioned by the Board of Directors. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been working for Bradesco for 40 years, and he has shown his loyalty for Bradesco with his long stint and through dedication. He began as a simple, low-paid clerk and worked his way up, so it is safe to say he knows the bank better than almost any employee from the top of the employment chain to the bottom because he did what few have ever done in banking. It fits perfectly into the profile slogan of “continuity and renewal”, which has been important to Bradesco since the times of Amador Aguiar. He had already been tipped for the post when Luiz Cypriano took over. Although, at the time, he was very young for such a position and the responsibilities that accompany it considering he was only 47. He was a child when what was at stake was the command of Bradesco, and he ended up being deprecated.

This time, in addition to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, there was also the current commander of the group’s investment bank, José Luiz Acar Pedro. He arrived in Bradesco after the purchase of the National Credit Bank, also known by the acronym of BCN, in 1997. Another name that was mentioned often by analysts was that of Vale president Roger Agnelli. Much like Trabuco, Agnelli was nominated for the command of Vale by Bradespar. Bradespar is the shareholding arm of Bradesco. The reason it is considered the shareholding arm is because it is the company’s main shareholder. It is possible that similar to the case of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, when he succeeded Brandão Agnelli at the young age of 49. 49 is still considered quite young by the standards of the institution.

This was just a partial translation of the massive article. There is a constant struggle and competition between banks, especially in Brazil because of the size of the country and its economy.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here.

Getting empowered with Fabletics perfect athleisure wear

In this day and age, it is common for consumers to look up products or services online before purchase. Reviews have been seen to affect the sales of companies either negatively or positively. Companies with this review strategy in mind are using it to their advantage. They focus on understanding the user needs and attending to them and through this, they have earned themselves better reviews in the industries they belong. Fabletics is one of these companies. They have used user reviews to market their brand.



Fabletics has increased its assets, since it was formed in 2013, to 235 million dollars. It has acknowledged its success to customer reviews. Through these reviews, they have been able to retain customers and earn new ones as well. Research has stated that 84% of the people who are shopping online trust the reviews they see online as much as they would trust a direct recommendation from a person they know. There has been growing power in the feedback of consumers over the years. This has been noted to be a better marketing strategy than the traditional advertising styles. 60 percent of users have failed to purchase a product or service due to negative reviews online.



Fabletics focuses on customer reviews to improve their ranks on search engines and this increases their customer base and sales as well. It actively goes through the reviews of their customers and responds to them. On Trustpilot alone, Fabletics has almost thirty thousand reviews. With customers now looking to crowd source their opinions before purchases, companies should follow the example of Fabletics by using their user reviews to better their products and services in order to increase their sales.



Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics, an athleisure brand. She is an actor but also focuses on providing fashionable athleisure clothes. Fabletics inspires and empowers women of all sizes and shapes to feel and look their best through their brand. Demi Lovato, a pop superstar, was recently partnering with Fabletics as she loves what they stand for. The founders, Don and Adam, of TechStyle Fashion, wanted to provide a fashionable and quality brand for women that were fairly priced. With this idea in mind, they partnered with Kate Hudson and formed Fabletics. She was a great choice as she truly represents the brand with her active lifestyle.



Kate has been hands-on since the beginning and has helped a great deal in process formation and sales. She is focused on what she does and she has spearheaded communication in the company. Kate Hudson has assisted in implementing data systems to ensure proper records are kept. She also helps with client communications to ensure satisfaction of their clients. Fabletics has had consistency in good customer services and high-quality of products and this has earned them higher ratings on different online companies. Fabletics focuses on providing unique clothing to their clients and this is why they insist on users or potential clients taking the Lifestyle Quiz to ensure that they get perfect outfits using their shared information.

Susan McGalla Removes Gender Barriers In Business

Companies that promote gender and racial equality outperform companies that are not diverse. A wide range of employees provide limitless ideas and perspectives for a single idea. It’s a discouraging fact that few women hold high-level positions at elite companies.

Susan McGalla is an inspiration for women that want to manage a company. She credits her success to her upbringing. Susan had two brothers, and she was not provided any slack or advantages because she’s female. Susan figured out at a young age how to compete in an environment influenced and controlled by men.

Susan’s first executive position was as President and Chief Merchandising Officer for American Eagle Outfitters. When she began working with the company, she was the only female executive employee.

After leaving American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked as an independent consultant for the retail industry. She then worked as CEO of The Wet Seal. Following her position at The Wet Seal, Susan formed P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan is currently Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her position proves her ability to influence a male-dominated workplace in a positive way.

Susan admits obtaining an executive-level position within a company is difficult for a woman. It takes more than hard work and dedication to succeed as a woman in business. Executive-level positions are not offered to women. Women are not considered an option for many jobs because of their gender. Susan supports women networks that address the need to make a change within the structure of a business. Women networks provide guidance, support, information, and motivation. The networks need to unite and help improve business opportunities for women.

Susan advocates sponsorship programs. She believes a woman should have a decision-making executive sponsor her. The executive provides guidance and opportunities for the employee to showcase her talents.

Susan McGalla proves it’s possible for a woman to excel in a man-controlled environment. She brings advancement, innovation, and profit to any company where she works.

Ricardo Tosto – True Expert

Ricardo Tosto’s not just Brazil’s legal expert. He has spoken on countless everyday topics. Read his thoughts:

Ricardo Tosto on Track Shop Fits

Many companies specialize in getting the most from any engine for road racing, circle track or even drag racing applications. You’ll want a full-service machine shop that uses only the very best equipment. It must have its own full, 5-Axis Simultaneous CnC machine included with Centroid Control. Seek a custom shop in which every cylinder head that’s built is custom-tailored to your application and not just any “one size fits all” cylinder head and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

The practicing business must offer many diverse cylinder heads for each application. It should also perform your custom head work required, such as fabrication, CNC porting, custom cnc machining or cylinder head development and more information click here.

Ricardo Tosto – Summarized, Paraphrased Thoughts and Perspectives

  1. I have mountain climbed since I was a young man, for nearly ten years.
  2. China – No, I have not been there yet.
  3. The busiest months are in the summer as that is the time with the best weather for climbing, I would imagine; as such, the roads – and influx of travelers to the mountain, those seeking a true challenge – must be at their busiest, most stressful peaks.

Ricardo Tosto can type 77 wpm and is a thorough writer and editor as well as a sound researcher. If there’s anything he doesn’t know, he’ll find the answer. Ricardo Tosto can type 77 wpm. He’s a master of AP business writing style.

According to Tosto, graphics are the key to successful mobile app marketing strategies or campaigns as they determine the course of any project in question; it seems silly and simple to consider the fact that we have not thought of this, but it’s no less true – human beings are drawn first to visual or graphic appeal before they are even tempted by anything else, and both time and chance have proven this to be the case without vault. When all has been said and done, we are visual creatures more than anything else. Thus, graphics deliver and resume him.

More Visit: http://www.cesa.org.br/noticia/cesa/escritorio_de_ricardo_tosto_e_incluido_na_edicao_2016_do_guia_chambers_global.html

Jason Halpern

Born on January 1st, 1975, Jason Halpern is a real estate developer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of JMH Development. JMH Development is a full-service real-estate oriented company that specializes in developing and creating the state of-the-art properties in highly desirable markets such as those found in Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. The company’s main headquarters are located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Based in New York City, Jason and his JMH Development company has revolutionized the real estate platform in the country and improved the overall livelihood of each American citizen. The company specializes in commercial and residential properties in the country. As a matter of fact, JMH Development is responsible for adding a total of 9 luxury townhouses in Brooklyn as well as the famous Townhouses of Cobble Hill. The company is also known for preserving and re-decorating historical properties in the country.

Danieldela Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, ThomasJuul Hansen and Jason Halpern

In September 2014, JMH Development signed a contractual agreement with Madden Real Estate Ventures to oversee the construction of an eight-story building as an addition to the Aloft South Beach Hotel, a 235-room building located in the heart of Miami. The construction which was handled by the Plaza Construction and overseen by the ADD Inc. was the first ever newly developed and opened hotel in South Beach Miami since the year 2009. Upon completion, the hotel will boost larger rooms with estimated square feet of up to 360.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

The Aloft South Beach Hotel offers a prime location for each person staying in the hotel. For instance, the hotel provides full access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast. Apart from this, the hotel is within proximity to Miami Beach Convention Centre, the Bass Museum Art, boutiques, several art galleries, and night clubs. With such facilities at close range, it simply means that the people holding meetings at the hotel will have all the services they might be looking for at no strain. The guests will also get the opportunity to enjoy themselves in an outdoor pool, have their favorite drinks served at the roof deck lounge, and keep fit at the 24-hour fitness center.

With the addition of the Aloft South Beach Hotel, JMH Development will have invested more than $500 in New York City owned projects, 184 projects in Kent, and more than 340 warehouses which have been turned into luxury apartments.