Clearabee: Rubbish Removal Services in London

Rubbish removal is a service which most people take for granted. There are many homeowners and commercial property owners who do not have a rubbish removal plan. The danger with this is that your environment may look dirty. To make matters worse, you may invite disease causing germs into your space.



If you are looking for someone to take care of the rubbish in your space, the best company to approach is Clearabee. The advantage of hiring their services is that they are experts in what they do. Additionally, they have friendly and courteous staff. The company’s mission is to serve the London community in an efficient manner.



If you reside or own a business in London, you need not worry about the rubbish on your premises. Clearabee not only get rid of the rubbish but they also offer cleanup services. Additionally, they ensure that the rubbish is not only removed but also disposed of the right way. To make your rubbish clearance easy, Clearabee also provides beebags which hold your rubbish until the next rubbish removal day. Their vans and rubbish removal equipment makes the work easier and faster to complete.



If you want Clearabee to be your rubbish removal partner in London, all you have to do us book them over the phone. They allow their clients to either pay upfront or pay the balance once the job is done. Their flexible payment plan is useful for anyone who would like to schedule a regular rubbish removal plan.

Speaking with a Consultant of Equities First Holdings is a Wise Decision for Any Business Owner

Equities First Holdings is not necessarily a lender that should be considered as being ordinary by any means, as they’re an organization that’s placing loads of importance on the very needs of their borrowers. Every borrower has their own story. Many borrowers are owners of businesses that are doing well, but are able to greatly benefit from borrowing capital that would enable them to make certain improvements to the assets that they currently own. For instance, a business owner may have a building that is enabling them to conduct certain business operations; however, they may have come to realize that adding additional space would enable them to conduct business operations to much greater extents that their current conditions. By obtaining an adequate amount of capital through a loan, the business owner may be able to generate greater profits than they were before. This is why it’s recommended for every business owner to see what they may be able to do about obtaining a loan that’s fair in its terms. To know more click here.

Business owners are held to a lot of responsibility, as the wrong decisions could essentially be the demise of their operations. Capital through lending is an option for many business owners; however, they’re required to do their due diligence of researching to ensure they’re doing the best that they can to find the best loan opportunities.

Business owners are given a myriad of opportunities to succeed; however, most are aware that there’s a vast array of competition in just about every field. By speaking with one of the consultants who are available to assist at Equities First Holdings, a business owner may be able to make the upgrades that they need to fully succeed in their line of business. Be sure to contact a consultant of Equities First Holdings whenever you have a chance to do so.


How Does The US Money Reserve Help With Gold Investment?

The US Money Reserve is a strong advocate of gold investment, and they make gold coins for their customers. They have a large online catalog that anyone may shop in, and it is a place where someone will save money every time they buy new coins.

The coins that were produced by the company will rise in value over time, and the coins will be the investment options that all customers need. This article explains how the company ensures that all clients are purchasing gold coins for less.

#1: The Online Catalog

The online catalog of the company is a large one that allows customers to purchase coins at any time. They may not have any idea which coins they want, but they may purchase these coins for lower prices than they would find elsewhere.

Someone who is searching for a simple way to invest may try gold coins because they are useful in all portfolios where it is simply too difficult for someone to invest in the stock market.

#2: Why Gold?

Gold coins will rise in value every year, and they will be quite a lot more valuable after they have been held for some time. Someone who wishes to purchase gold coins will do so knowing that their coins will be much more valuable than normal, and they will notice that they may check the price of gold every day to learn the relative value of the coins. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook

#3: Which Coins To Buy

The coins are made in a number of designs, and they may be purchased because of their designs alone. The design of the coins alone will be quite easy to check online, and someone may purchase them because of the design alone. The designs may be used for trading, and they may be collected until the owner has all the coins they could want.

#4: Trading

PR Newswire says that gold coins from the US Money Reserve may be traded at any time on their relative value, and they will be quite easy to use as part of a larger strategy. Someone may trade their coins for something that is much more rare, and someone who wishes to trade often will find quite a lot of interesting coins they may like.

Trading and investing in gold coins from the US Money Reserve is important, and someone may save money for the future this way. Everyone who uses these coins will retain their savings value.

Arthur Becker’s Investment Journey

There’s no doubt Arthur Becker is an investor who knows how to spin real estate investments into gold. Currently Becker is considered a top-tier real estate mogul, given the success of his recent projects, the 10 Sullivan Street luxury condo project, and the Billionaire’s Row project at 111 W. 57th Street. Both of these projects performed well for Becker and his partners, leaving him with three properties (adjacent to the Sullivan street project) which were given in trade for his ownership in the original Sullivan Street property.

A Strong Interest in The Arts

All of this has to give a major lift to Becker. His home houses a working art studio, along with the showcase for his collection. Becker is going through a major life transition right now, as he moves forward after separating from his wife of 20 years, designer Vera Wang. Though any major life transition is always tough, Becker’s current success in real estate is a clear sign that he’s chosen a clear path to success. Visit Madison Partners for more info.

From Stock Broker to Investor

Arthur Becker had an early career as a stock broker at Bear Stearns, but he parlayed that role into something much bigger when he successfully invested in several startups tech companies in the early 2000’s. That breakthrough allowed him to become a silent investor in several real estate deals, including the Billionaire’s Row project at 111 W. 57th Street. Becker was a silent backer in that deal, which was originally developed by Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. From there he moved on to the deal for 10 Sullivan Street, with Robert Gladstone and Stern.

Becker’s most recent project, which is the first he has overseen from the ground up, is 564 Washington Street in New York. This luxury condo building has 8-units. It’s on the market now for $52.5 million, and is expected to get the asking price.

From here, Becker intends on continuing with his real estate investments. From here, it’s all up, and he expects to enjoy the entire journey, wherever it takes him.

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Beneful Puppy Food is Quality

Growing puppies have unique nutritional needs beyond the mounds of food that they consume with their high energy lifestyle. Beneful HEALTHY PUPPY with real chicken meets all of their dietary requirements. The number one ingredient is farm raised chicken and it is blended with whole grains and vegetable accents. It’s a nutritional powerhouse for sure, specially formulated for puppies. The essential fatty acid DHA is also contained in the product and is necessary for helping nurture healthy vision and brain development. Click here to watch video.

Beneful dog food for puppies is recommended for all breeds and comes in a tasty chicken formula. Coupons can be found on the Beneful website and Walmart, as well as other sources.

Beneful continues its tradition of supplying quality dog food at a reasonable price. They provide excellent products for puppies, older adult dogs, and everything in between. When it comes to puppies Beneful would be an excellent choice.

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Simple and Low Cost Investment Strategies

Warren Buffett has recently stated that he would be willing to donate one million to a specific charity as a wager if he was able to achieve a better investment returns then a group of hedge fund managers.The donation of one million is a large lump sum of money and can easily hold the attention of any charity or individual. Buffett stated that he would only donate this amount of money if his belief in Passive Index Fund investing was false.

Tim Armour has made a statement that he feels Warren Buffett is correct in regards of how expensive funds can short change investors. He supports Buffett’s commitment to low cost investments that are simple. Mr. Buffett has an approach that has proved itself over and over again for many decades. He believes in bottom up investing and rigorously analyzing companies and focuses on how to build a durable portfolio and Tim on Facebook.

Mutual funds can offer poor long-term returns, however the risks behind Passive Index Investments are typically unknown to the investor and it can also offer a higher risk.In some ways Tim Armour disagrees with Buffett in regards of his views. He feels that it is not just about the funds being closely indexed but more about if the funds are being managed correctly and how high the expenses can be for the investors and more information click here.

One of the downfalls for a fund is its high expenses. Tim states that if managers would actively buy in and assist their clients in moving their investments towards a lower expense rate than the investment would be more successful and beneficial to the investors.By taking this approach the money is not being wasted and it offers the hedge fund managers a way to actively show interest in the fund itself and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour received his bachelor’s degree at Middlebury College in economics and he currently lives in Los Angeles where he works at Capital group. Tim believes that investments that are simple and low are the best for a long-term basis.

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Vincent Parascandola: A Financial Professional


Success in the financial management sector requires more than qualifications. Experience in the operations within the industry is a recipe for success. Such a person who has all it takes to succeed and bring success to others is Vincent Parascandola. He has a deep insight into the industry operations and trends. His experience spans over three decades working with big companies.

Vincent Parascandola is a senior financial professional executive VP and at AXA Advisors. This is a broker-dealer firm with over 5,350 representatives countrywide. Parascandola specializes in recruiting, producing and retaining of financial professionals. He also manages all the sales developments. A graduate of Pace University in Bachelors of Science, Parascandola has over 17 years in the financial industry. Mr. Vincent also holds a Municipal Securities Principal Examination certificate.

His career started back in 1987 working at Prudential as an agent. While at Prudential, he was named National Rookie of the Year. This motivated him to work much harder. In 1990 he moved to MONY Life Insurance Company where he attained various regional managerial positions. Parascandola then joined AXA Advisors in 2004. While new at AXA he co-managed the company’s New York Metro Branch before becoming president of Advantage Group. Mr. Parascandola manages over $18.5b Company’s portfolio.

A highly regarded leader, Parascandola has numerous management awards to his name. Such awards include GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. He is a motivational speaker who regularly speaks at conferences and industry events. He has also held financial industry securities registration for over 17 years and is subject to FINRA and SEC oversight. He is a big player in AXA’s success. AXA offers financial services ranging from investment managements and global insurance. The company operates across the world, and it has helped people and businesses take manageable baby steps towards their financial success.

The company also engages itself in social, philanthropic activities whose main objective is to carry research on alleviating suffering. The firm has a Research Fund, created in 2008 to help understand risks affecting the environment and human life and find solutions to such risks.

Patty Rocklage is the Marriage & Family Therapist Who Feels for Her Clients

In these fast-paced times, where one is every so often extremely busy trying to find a work-life balance, there might be occasions when one feels that one’s marriage and family life is coming apart. One might go to marriage and family therapist to resolve things out, but for that to happen, you must go to the right one, who feels for you and more information click here.

That is exactly the kind of person Patty Rocklage is. This USC graduate has made a name for herself over the past twenty years counseling individuals, couples and families with deep empathy and the resolve to provide them with workable solutions to their problems. In her work as a psychotherapist in the Great Boston Area, she has earned an excellent reputation both for her professional skill and personal style of communication, from all of her clients.

There are so many people out there-individuals, couples, and families who are overwrought by their life’s struggles and need professional assistance to get a grip on their selves and work toward improving the quality of their lives. This is where Rocklage with her top notch qualification and years of professional experience has been able to make quite a significant difference to the lives of a large number of people.

What’s particularly noticeable about her is that her skills go beyond conventional therapy, but include the ability to do team building, community outreach and of course coaching. This has stood her in good stead in the performance of her professional duties in the sense that she can have a more nuanced understanding of the issues confronting her clients in their daily lives and resume her.

Lives in the second half of the 21st century are far more complex and uncertain than it has been in the past with new age social mores and a radical change in the way people work and socialize. Consequently, individuals, couples, and families are coming under increasing amounts of stress. It is against this backdrop that the skills of psychotherapists like Rocklage become so incredibly important. It is indeed fortuitous for the Boston area to have a senior professional like her work in their midst.

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Why You Should Own No-Poo Shampoo

Cleansing conditioners have been recently popularized by the beauty industry, and they often go by the name of “no-poo shampoos”. Due to their formula that doesn’t give a lather, as well as the fact that they aren’t made with harmful chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, the hair’s natural oils are protected in the washing process.

The benefit of keeping the hair’s natural oils (instead of washing them down the shower’s drain), is that these oils help keep the hair both strong and healthy, resulting in less breakage and nicer hair. WEN by Chaz has created one of the most buzzed about cleansing conditioners, which has quickly made its way into many men and women’s homes.

WEN by Chaz is a hair care company that was created by Chaz Dean. Leading the hair care industry with passion and ambition, Chaz set out to make a hair care product that was both fresh, as well as high quality. Dedicated to making his company’s products the best of the best, Chaz Dean kept revising his cleansing conditioners until they met up to his expectations. Knowing that the hair industry needed a product that would wash the hair yet keep it healthy, while also understanding that the typical shampoo followed by conditioner process wasn’t what he envisioned, Chaz Dean created a product that has set a new standard for hair care, which is hair that is clean and conditioned with only one simple step.


Dick DeVos – Well-Known Social Activist and Philanthropist in the United States

For years, Dick DeVos has worked actively in building better communities, helping underprivileged children and families, and supporting various social and welfare causes. Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos are known as one of the most influential and powerful philanthropists and social activists in the United States and are attached to many independent organizations and charities. Dick and Betsy DeVos also have a family foundation of their own, named Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Betsy DeVos presently serves as the Education Secretary under the administration of the United States President, Donald Trump. Dick and Betsy DeVos has championed the cause of education reform in the country for long, and support many educational as well as social activists organizations that aim to help the cause of education reform in the country.


Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos in a recently held interview disclosed that they had donated close to $139 million in their lifetime, and the total contribution made by wealthy DeVos family run into billions. The couple aims to make a difference in the areas they are working for through years, and firmly believe that with dedication, determination, and consistency, they would be able to make the much-needed difference. Dick DeVos, and his wife, strongly feels that the education system of the United States is not on par with other modern countries, and needs some major changes to help the students get the quality education they require and deserve. It is what would help craft the future of the country, and so they feel that some of the reforms they have been raising voices for are much needed.



Dick DeVos is the son of the wealthy American businessman, Richard DeVos, who is popularly known as the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is one of the largest consumer products manufacturing companies in the world and operates in many countries globally. Dick DeVos joined his father’s company in 1974 and started with a low-level job as his father wanted him to understand the business culture and management of the firm from the ground up. He continued working for Amway Corporation at various positions for the next ten years when finally he was promoted to the post of the Vice President of Amway Corporation.



As Vice President of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos managed the company’s business in 18 countries. He helped multiply the business of the company drastically in the countries he was responsible for. However, with the family inherited entrepreneurial spirit, he soon left the family business to start Windquest Group, which manufactures and supplies storage organizers of different types. Dick DeVos is associated with many organizations and charities and is also a member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He is also the founder of the famous Michigan Aviation Academy.